Rdio Upgrades iOS App with Playlist Editing and Reviews

Rdio has just upgraded their iOS application with Playlist editing and Reviews. First up is playlist editing. Now, you can update your playlists from your iPhone or iPod touch — in addition to creating playlists…

Official UK Music Charts iPhone Applications

Im not really one for charts, but there are a lot of people who want to see who is leading the charts for any given time. Thus, here is the official UK Charts iPhone applications….

Vevo iPhone App: Lets Users Watch Their Favourite Music Videos for Free on their iPhone

Online music video portal Vevo has launched its app for iPhone and iPod touch this morning (App Store link). The application is completely free and lets users find and watch music video, create playlists and more.

Universal and UKs Official Chart Company Launch TimeWheel iPhone Application

Universal Music Group has launched its latest iPhone app, in partnership with the UK’s Official Charts Company. The app is called TimeWheel and is a very simple music time machine.

Vevo to Release iPhone, iPad and Android Apps

Music videos are in very high demand and they seem to be all consumed on either YouTube or sister site Vevo. According to details shared by Vevo chief Rio Caraeff with Mashable, Vevo is now…

Slash Launches Guitar Hero Ripoff iPhone App

Slash has launched his own iPhone game to promote his new solo album. The game is just another Tap Tap/Guitar Hero ripoff! Slash Arcade Rock has with three songs from the album, and the ability…

Thumbplay Launch Their iPhone Application

Thumbplay has just launched its Thumbplay Music streaming service iPhone application. Thumbplay previously launched their Blackberry application back in March and Android earlier this month. The Thumbplay mobile application rollout is now complete. The Thumbplay…

Shazam Launch Shazam Encore iPhone App for Music Charts, Recommendations and Car Mode

Yesterday Shazam announced a new iPhone application called Shazam Encore. Shazam Encore is a premium version of the company’s existing iPhone app. New features include: Quicker tagging Music recommendations Charts Car mode to automatically tag…

Spotify trying to break into American Market

Music streaming service Spotify is trying to build a viable strategy for US entry. Currently the ‘freemium’ phenomenon is active in Europe only, and is trying to tinker it’s platform into a fully balanced, financially…

New Lala iPhone Music Streaming Application Coming Very Soon!

Lala have launched a new iPhone applications in which seems very cool. Take a look at the app coming to an iPhone near you very soon!