What is NOT a cover song?

A song you wrote A song you co-wrote with someone A song someone gave you permission to record and release, but has never been recorded and released before. An old song that is now in…

What Is a cover song?

A cover song is your recording of a song that you didn’t write … assuming that song had previously been released in the USA … with consent of the copyright owner (the songwriter/publisher)

Klaxons New Album Cover Features a LOLcat

Drownedinsound has reported that the Klaxons new album will feature a lolcat as their coverart. This is one of the best cover art images I have ever seen! The Klaxons new album Surfing The Void is…

M.I.A Featured on the Cover of Billboard Magazine

M.I.A is really starting to gain momentum, and is on this week Billboard Magazine cover. The M.I.A article within Billboard covers everything from her recent twitter-blasts against the New York Times to her upcoming album.