Google Chromecast Audio Transforms Your Speakers Into a Streaming Device

Google’s massively popular Chromecast, a device that plugs into your TV allowing you to stream media from your phone, tablet or laptop,  this week announced an update as well as a new device. The update adds some…

Google Cast Audio – Stream Music To Networked Speakers

On the Apple side, AirPlay is a way to wirelessly stream audio to speakers hooked up to your home wifi, or stream video to your Apple TV. In 2013 Google released the Chromecast. A USB-sized…

Chromecast: How to cast using Google Play Music

Im a huge fan of Chromecast and have one at home. Music is vital for Chromecast and its great to see Google Play Music is now live on Chromecast.

Grooveshark Comes To The Chromecast

Since its release last year, Chromecast has grown exponentially, bringing a whole bunch of compatible apps to the living room. Grooveshark is the latest on the band wagon, allowing its paying users to beam their…

Google Play Music for Chromecast Gets a Background Image: Log Fire

Google has just released a cool background image for Google Play Music on your Chromecast. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!