The Streets Christmas Single

Skinner, who is currently working on his last album under the band name that made him famous, has just uploaded another treat for his fans; a Christmas song featuring The Music’s Rob Harvey.

On The First Day Of Christmas…

I’m not a huge fan of the festive period and even less of a fan of the popular music that tends to be released around this festival. However, as with practically everything in life, there are both good, bad and terrible examples of Christmas songs.

Coldplay Christmas Single To Be Released

They’ve been talking about it for over a year, but the wait is finally over. On December 1st, nobody’s favourite band Coldplay will release their much hyped Christmas single ‘Christmas Lights’.

The Self Indulgent Friday Playlist – Post Turkey Edition

If you’re anything like me at the moment, you’ll be fed up to the back teeth with meat, leaking bread sauce at every pore, and emanating a low, sprout-related rumble. It is for this reason…

The Self Indulgent Friday Playlist – Xmas Edition

You know what this is going to be about: A Spotify playlist that kicks off with the best Christmas song ever – Christmas Pig by Rolf Harris, and continues with some obscure and cool stuff…