Overall Early Review of the Beats Music Subscription Service: Mobile First is Interesting But Lacking a lot of Features

Beats Music recently announced that they would be launching on January 21st. Since that time a lot of details and service images have been leaked. Here is a quick run down of the new Beats…

Spotify Launch Their Own Music Streaming Charts

Spotify has just launched their own music streaming charts. Anyone can now see the Top 50 tracks from each country as well as the Top 50 Social (Viral) tracks for each country. “What’s so powerful…

Finally a UK Official Streaming Chart!

Its good to see that the UK Official Charts Company isn’t too far behind the times (only about a year or so!). They will be launching the UK’s first Official Streaming Chart at 1pm on…

Official UK Music Charts iPhone Applications

Im not really one for charts, but there are a lot of people who want to see who is leading the charts for any given time. Thus, here is the official UK Charts iPhone applications….

RouteNote Artist Lee Crossley Hits Number 2 in Amazon Rock Charts

RouteNote is very proud to announce that one of our artists, Lee Crossley, has just reached the number #2 slot in the Amazon Rock charts. This is an amazing effort from Lee, who has been working very hard gigging for the last 18 months. Im really glad it has finally paid off!

How To Get My Music into the UK Top 40 Charts

There are a lot of distributors out there that claim they are unique because they can help you get your music in the charts. Some of the distributors even charge money to do this. Most bands don’t even realise that they can do this all themselves for FREE!

Tom Jones Takes Top Album Spot in the UK Away from Eminem

Tom Jones has been called a sick joke by his record label in previous week, but now he has had the last laugh! Tom Jones’ new album, Praise and Blame, has managed to outsell Eminem’s monstrously dominant Recovery album in the U.K.

Pendulum Claim The Top Spot in UK Sales Charts

Pendulum has just grabbed their first UK number 1 with Immersion. The Australian drum & bass/rock outfit took the top spot in from of the Rolling Stones’ “Excile on Main St.”. Warner Music also claimed…

Shazam Launch Shazam Encore iPhone App for Music Charts, Recommendations and Car Mode

Yesterday Shazam announced a new iPhone application called Shazam Encore. Shazam Encore is a premium version of the company’s existing iPhone app. New features include: Quicker tagging Music recommendations Charts Car mode to automatically tag…

Vishal J: Breaks into iTunes Store Top 10 Electronic Songs!

Here at Routenote we are always pleased to announce the success of unsigned or independent artists who, against all odds, disprove the common assumption: the only career in music is with a major label. Vishal…