BMG’s CEO says major labels need ‘wake-up call’ on artists’ streaming percentages

BMG’s CEO – Hartwig Masuch says it’s artist take more than 75% of all online streaming revenue and that major labels need to address the situation that other artist’s are still receiving nothing from online…

Netflix sign their music publishing rights exclusively to BMG

Netflix have signed up their music publishing rights from original shows like Stranger Things exclusively to BMG for publishing rights outside of the US. The new deal between BMG and Netflix will cover the publishing…

RIAA and MPAA support $25 million piracy ruling over Cox Communications

The unique case of Cox Communications and BMG has come to a verdict that is seeing support from various associations in the entertainment industry. BMG, a German record label, have recently taken the internet provider…

20 Companies Interested in Acquiring Warner Music Group

As we mentioned previously on the RouteNote Blog, Warner Music is up for sale. It is now being reported by the NY Post that over 20 parties have expressed an interest in acquiring Warner Music Group.

BMG Has Acquired Chrysalis for £107 million

BMG has agreed to acquire Chrysalis for £107.4 million ($168.6 million). Chrysalis has over 100,000 tracks in their publishing division, which includes tracks by David Bowie and Michael Jackson along with artists Cee Lo Green, Sheryl Crow and Blondie.