Add My Music to Tidal for Free

Tidal is the newly branded music streaming service owned by Jay Z. Last month the rebranding was launched with a PR campaign. RouteNote has been distributing to Wimp (which is Tidal) for the past 6…

Current State of Pop Music – Terrible Writers and Producers

Im really not a huge fan of the popular music that is being released at the moment. This image summed it up for me.

Beyonce Will Headline Glastonbury 2011

Beyonce will be one of the headline acts at Glastonbury 2011.

Sexy Beyonce Perfume Ad Banned from UK TVs

The advertising watchdog in Britain has banned the Beyonce perfume advertisement. It can now only be shown after 7.30pm.

Top 20 Artists on Facebook According to Amount of Fans

Over at MusicAlly they have put together a great list of the top 20 bands on Facebook according to their popularity. 20 most popular music artist fan pages from the chart though, and they are…

The Tony Maserati Collection – Waves Audio Signature Series Software plug-ins

Waves continue their domination of digital music production releasing the first product for their ‘Signature Series’, The Tony Maserati Collection.   For the amateur producers / engineers that haven’t heard the name, Maserati is the…