US Digital Album Sales and Digital Song Sales in Decline

Nielsen SoundScan have reported that US album sales are down 15% while digital song sales have fallen by 13%. A total of 120.9 million albums and 593.6 million digital songs were sold by the week…

Music Albums Sales are Directly Affected by People Listening to Music on YouTube

There is an article over on TorrentFreak that talks about a study finding that YouTube hurts music album sales. Im not sure if this is news or just common sense? If Im listening to music…

Rob Zombie: The Music Industry Dropped the Ball a Long Time Ago and will Never Recover

Album sales have been in decline for a long time and the industry doesnt really know why this is happening. Here is what an album means to Rob Zombie and his thoughts on the music industry as a whole.

Digital Music Rides High in 2009 – Neilsen Soundscan Report

Neilsen gathers information from both bricks and mortar and online stores in the US, and has released a full report of music sales in 2009. The album charts are more or less what you might…

Why Pick RouteNote? Sheer Success

RouteNote launched back in April 16th 2008 and since that time we have we have been focused on providing the masses with the same opportunities as was only previously given to the major label artists….