SXSW acts are cancelling after being banned from entering the US

Trump’s restricted immigration ban is still causing friction across the US as now one of the world’s biggest festivals, SXSW, is losing some of it’s foreign acts.

One of the latest acts to be denied entry into the US is United Vibrations, a band made up of brothers Ahmed, Yussef and Kareem Dayes. NPR announced that the 3 had been denied entry at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection because their Visa Waiver Program was revoked.

In a group statement, United Vibrations said: “We are sad to announce we will NOT be performing at SXSW in Texas because our ESTA’s have been revoked under the new Executive order. We were looking forward to connecting with our brothers and sisters stateside to share our music. Why weren’t we let in? Our names? The music? The color of our skin?”

Another act of Yussef Dayes, Yussef Kamaal, have been affected by the ban which Yussef believes is due to discrimination of “religion and race”. Other artists affected by the ban include post-hardcore band Massive Scar Era who wrote a statement about the experience on Facebook, reading:

After providing all necessary paper that proves that we are performing at SXSW under B1 visa, after showing officer the SXSW official waver that proved we don’t need p2 visa to perform in SXSW! Even after calling the festival infront of the officer!!!! USA denied us Massive Scar Era to enter !!!!!!

My passport (Egyptian) couldve been the issue. Our bassist is first nation! He is allowed to get in and work in USA whenever he wants to, the officer told him that his official first nation card ( releases by the canadian government) doesn’t prove he is first nation and he needs to get DNA test (lol) he told him that he did this already to get the card in the first place!


So far at least 7 artists have been denied entry to the US, resulting in the cancellation of their spot at SXSW. The massive American music festival has become renowned for it’s massive setlist including artists from all across the globe and promoting undiscovered talent across their stages. Unfortunately this year that sense of global unity has been tarnished by new president Donald Trump’s executive order.

A spokesperson for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection told Billboard: “If an individual is a member of an internationally recognised entertainment group, they must apply for and be granted a P-1 visa.”Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

We will have to wait and see whether more artists are affected and how this impacts the SXSW festival as it continues over the next few days.

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