Stream YouTube Music on Google Home speakers free

Google want to get you streaming music as soon as you pull your Home speaker from the box with free streaming now available.

Google have launched YouTube Music as a free experience on all of their Google Home speakers. This means that any users can start streaming music without needing to sign up for a service first.

Users can ask their Google Home to play music based on a mood or tell it to play a genre so that you can find music to match the moment. Google will also begin to customise its playback as it gets to know your tastes.

With YouTube Music free you won’t be able to request specific artists, albums, tracks or playlists. Upgrading to YouTube Music Premium will open up full access to their expansive library of music for $9.99 a month. If you just want music as a backdrop rather than listening to specific music that you like then the new free offering is a pretty good package.

There are many more benefits to signing up for a YouTube Music Premium account but their free offering will be a great introduction for people who haven’t dabbled in music streaming yet.

Choose YouTube Music as your default music player in your Google Home Account Settings, or when setting it up to play from Google’s latest music service.

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