Spotify’s India launch delayed as Amazon Prime Music doubles its users in 5 months

Spotify aren’t launching in India today as rumoured, whilst their competitors continue to grow in the music-loving territory.

India is a massive up-and-comer in music streaming as it’s giant 1.3 billion population adopts the new format as their primary music source. They have local Indian music services like the massive JioSaavn which combined the regions two favourite music services last month.

Western streamers are getting in on the emerging market too with Apple Music and Amazon’s music services already available in the country. Amazon Prime Music have even doubled their users in the past 5 months according to Amazon Prime Music director Sahas Malhotra speaking to Business Today.

Malhotra says the uptake in smartphones and mobile streaming has played a large part in India’s streaming boom. He wouldn’t mention specific subscriber numbers but did say that their subscriber base had doubled within five months, adding that voice control is growing by 3.5 times day by day.

Whilst Amazon excel in India, Spotify’s rumoured launch for the 31st January gets pushed back again. Since opening an office in Mumbai Spotify’s launch in India has been long-expected but there is still no official launch date from the team. Their Mumbai office suggested in December that it will happen in the first 5 months of 2019.

A leak earlier this month in Spotify’s terms of conditions seemed to suggest that the 31st January would finally be the date. According to a source close to the matter the streaming company weren’t able to secure licensing deals with Sony and Universal in time despite a launch party apparently planned for the 31st.

The source has now said that they are moving their India launch forward to March, though they say “nothing is concrete”.

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