Spotify sees 40% rise in users in the past year with 140m active users

Spotify have revealed that they now have 140 million active users on their immensely successful music streaming service.

It was only a year ago that Spotify reported their major milestone of 100 million active users. Now Spotify have announced that they have 140 million active users. They didn’t specify how many were paying subscribers but it was last announced in March that Spotify had 50 million subscribers, still a significant portion and vastly ahead of competitors.

“On the eve of Cannes Lions 2017, the advertising Festival of Creativity, this is a particularly meaningful development, as our brand partners now have a bigger opportunity than ever to activate Spotify’s free user base.”

To prove just how far ahead of competitors Spotify are, their primary rival comes in the shape of Apple Music who just this week announced 28 million subscribers. Whilst an impressive number regardless, next to Spotify their user-count pales.

Spotify’s vice-president and global head of sales, Brian Benedik said: “Spotify’s high-velocity audience growth cements our place as the leading media platform for music, fans and brands. As our global monthly active user number continues to climb, more consumers engage with us across their day and devices. Through this engagement, we are constantly learning about our audience through streaming intelligence–our rich, first-party data.”

Benedik continued, saying that thanks to this Spotify are able to offer a unique selection of tailored experiences. He said: “Spotify is leading the way in this new era of personalization, and now we can do more than ever to connect brands with their target audiences.”

You can read Brian Benedik’s full statement on the achievement here:

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