Spotify partner with dating app Bumble to match your music tastes

Tinder-like dating app Bumble announced a partnership with Spotify on Wednesday that lets you view users favourite music so you can see how your tastes align.

Dating app Bumble, notorious for it’s similarities to Tinder but┬ámaking the female take the first step, have integrated the world’s most successful streaming service into their app. If you want to hear that persons tastes there and then you can click the artist from their profile and it will take you straight to the artist page on Spotify.

Music may not be the most important feature when looking for a partner, but it still holds a high precedence in a lot of people’s relationships and compatibility of tastes can be crucial in some relationships. CEO and founder of Bumble and ex co-founder of Tinder, Whitney Wolfe told Tech Insider: “Music says a lot about who we are as people and connecting culturally can serve a foundation for creating meaningful relationships.”

Bumble Spotify partner dating app music streaming
Whitney Wolfe founded Bumble after leaving Tinder due to sexual harassment

Wolfe went on to say: “Spotify has been on our radar since launch. When we launched, I think a lot of people assumed ‘well, this just another dating app’. We ramped up and once our brand became quite viral, we reconnected with Spotify and said, ‘Let’s definitely find a way to do this.'”

A spotify spokesperson said of the partnership: “We love that Bumble is changing the rules of the game by putting women in charge to help people make more meaningful connections. Both Spotify and Bumble recognise the power of music in terms of bringing people together, so it’s that shared interest that excites us about leveraging music taste to give users a peek into the preference of their potential connections.”

At the moment the app shows your top Spotify artists based on listening history however they plan to add an option to hide certain artists, helpful if you’ve been listening to an excess of Taylor Swift lately. Bumble has been a success since it’s launch in 2014 with 5.5 million users and 1.1 million users using it daily with an average of 100 minutes per user spent on the app.

Wolfe says that they are looking to expand their app through partnerships with other business from restaurants to ride-sharing services, but the integration of music tastes is the one that’s caught our eye.

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