Spotify now streaming on the Xbox One

Following leaked suggestions last week the rumours are true, you can now stream Spotify music from your Xbox One.

Spotify has launched on the Xbox One, years after arriving on PlayStations. The app resembles other TV versions of Spotify like the Android TV app and of course the PlayStation version.

Spotify on Xbox One is available to both free and Premium users, with advertisements played every few songs for free users. The app will support Spotify Connect meaning that you can use your mobile app to control the apps playback, what you want to listen to, volume and more.

The Spotify app will allow for background play, meaning that you can stream music whilst you play games and simply enter the Xbox guide or use a device to adjust playback. This is a massive feature that Xbox gamers have been requesting for ages, and now it’s available through the world’s most popular music streaming service. Not to mention you can use it without paying a penny.

Spotify for Xbox One also comes with a bunch of unique gaming playlists to perfectly accompany whatever you might be playing. Of course you can access your own playlists if you fancy one of your own mixes of music.

The app launch comes just a week after it was leaked that Spotify was probably coming to Xbox One. A Reddit user posted a picture that showed Larry Hyrb (aka Major Nelson) listening to “Spotify for Xbox One” on his account.

Spotify is now available on Xbox One in 34 countries on the Xbox Store and is getting rave reviews from users so far, reporting little-to-no bugs and claiming that the background play during games works like a dream. Sorry you had to wait so long Xbox gamers, but it’s finally here so get streaming!

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