Spotify Kids is the new app for young music lovers

Spotify has just launched a new app just for Kids, offering a curated experience aimed at younger ears with child-friendly music only.

Spotify Kids is the new app from one of the world’s biggest music streaming services. The new app has been created with children and their families in mind as a safe music streaming hub filled with child-friendly content.

The app will be available exclusively to users with a Spotify Premium Family account. Subscribers will be able to download the app for their children and add them onto the Family account for unlimited streaming.

All of the content on the app will be ad-free and hand-picked by teams of editors for a curated experience. Spotify kids has an emphasis on visuals to create an interactive app that makes it easy and entertaining to explore the music and playlists available.

The app is intended for kids aged 3 and up and features content from children favourites like Nickelodeon, Disney, Discovery Kids, and Universal Pictures. Even album artworks have been tuned to different age groups, presenting simpler, character-based covers for younger children and getting progressively more realistic.

Spotify claims that their team has spent more than two years learning to develop the right content for their Spotify Kids app. In assuring their app was the best and most appropriate offering for both children and their caregivers they have worked with expert insights from institutions like the National Children’s Museum in Washington.

The beta has launched exclusively in Ireland and Spotify hopes to expand the app to further markets soon. Spotify Kids is available on for the App Store and Google Play in Ireland now.

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