Spotify Introduces Artist ‘About Page’

Today Spotify introduced yet another feature following the recent arrivals of Discover Weekly and Found Them First. This time, however, rather than a music discovery based feature Spotify has focussed on getting to know the artists you love even better.

As of today Spotify’s artist pages will feature an ‘About’ tab next to ‘Overview’ and ‘Related Artists’. The About tab is similar to the pre-existing ‘Biography’ section where you could read a short paragraph or two about the artist. Spotify’s new About tab is much more ambitious giving you updated information and insights on your favourite artists.

Here is what you will be able to see on an artist’s About Page:

  • Monthly Listeners
  • Global rank based on monthly listeners
  • Which cities the artist is most popular in
  • Playlist ranking of which playlists users discover the artist in
  • Biographies
  • Full screen image browsing

Keep your eyes peeled for whatever Spotify brings us next in it’s recent charm offensive of new features that is keeping us more than happy.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote