Spotify gives you more reasons to use Artist Picks on your profile

It was almost a year ago that Spotify let artists pin their fave songs to their profile and it’s getting even better.

Artist Picks are a section of artist profiles on Spotify where the artist can choose a standout piece of music that they can highlight to anyone who visits their profile. You can pick any song, album or playlist you love and give a short message about it to greet anyone who comes to your Spotify profile.

Spotify loved what they created, saying: “We saw some really cool stuff happening – artists were using it to share their new albums, or music that inspired them when they were kids, or things that made them angry, sad, or happy… The more cool stuff we saw artists doing, we realised you wanted to use Artist’s Pick in new ways. So, we gave it a little makeover.”

Add your own image

It’s simple! Upload an image as part of your Artist’s Pick. When you announce a new tour—more on that below—you could add a cool backstage photo from your last show. When you put out a new record, you could share the cover, or a pic of you recording it. Or, when you share your first favorite album, you could add a photo of you from when you were a teenager. (Or not.)

Share your tour dates in your Artist Pick section

But that’s not all: those tour dates will be perfectly tailored to listener’s location.

Nothing sucks more than when your fans find out, after the fact, that you came through last week and they missed the show. When you announce your tour, you can leave a comment and an image to capture your fans’ attention. We’ll automatically personalize the announcement to show specific performances happening near the listener’s location. And, even though other Artist’s Picks expire 14 days after they’re posted, tour announcements will stick around until your tour ends.

It’s super easy to make an Artist’s Pick. Just open up your account and go to Profile. You can do this from anywhere – the app (for iOS and Android) or when you check out Spotify for Artists on your computer. On your fans’ phones, the image will show up at about the size of an Instagram photo.

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