Spotify are teaching children with their new playlists for kids

Spotify want to get children singing, dancing, and learning with a fresh Kids section sure to thrill parents.

Spotify have given their Kids section a makeover with a bunch of new playlists to help children learn through music and interaction. The new playlists range from themed music for ‘Playtime’ and ‘Bathtime’ to activities for developing vocabulary and language with celebrity guest voiceovers.

Spotify are promoting the educative benefits of music, especially for children at a young age, that is recognised to help early brain and language development in children. Songs include kids favourites new and old, including songs from children’s shows, traditional songs, and even some classic kids songs the parents will recognise from their childhood.

Some of the playlists feature celebrity voiceovers in between songs that offer various prompts or suggestions for the child and the parents too, like telling you to dance together or pick the next song. Guest voiceovers include Tyler Perry, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Wiz Khalifa, Fantasia, Ashley Williams, and others.

Spotify wanted to help more parents make use of their new Kids section to entertain and help develop your child so they are offering their new playlists and voiceovers in Spanish as well as English. Unfortunately those seem to be the only two languages but there may be more to come, and it’s better than one.

Spotify worked with the Bezos Family Foundation to create the activities and skill development sections for children. The research that Spotify based their new Kids section was from the ‘Too Small to Fail’ initiative, a joint research by The Clinton Foundation and The Opportunity Institute. Spotify also plan to work with the Grammy Museum, Univision, Carnegie Hall and other organisations to expand on their playlists for children.

Their revamped Kids section comes as Spotify are expanding various areas of their streaming service, introducing a new place for Gaming and original video content so far this month.

Explore the new and improved Spotify Kids here:

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