Spinnin’ Records go major, the independent label gets bought for over $100m

Massive Dutch dance label Spinnin’ Records has been bought in a giant $100m+ deal by major label Warner Music Group.

After a bunch of giant companies reportedly fought over Spinnin’ Records massively successful label for months the battle has been won. Warner Music Group are the proud victors of the Dutch dance collective that has attained massive global success since launching.

Spinnin’ Records established itself in 1999 thanks to the work of founders Eelko van Kooten and Roger de Graaf. In the 18 years since they grew label to one of the biggest players in electronic music today with over 18 million subcsribers on YouTube alone. They call themselves “the world’s leading record label”.

The giant $100 million deal is likely the largest deal for Warner Music since their monumental buyout of Parlophone in 2013 for $756 million. They faced up against rival major labels like Sony Music Entertainment and entertainment company Believe Digital in recent months to win the Spinnin’ Records acquisition.

The label is based in the Netherlands and has found success with major artists like Martin Solveig, Tiesto, Fedde le Grand and many others. They will make a large addition to Warner’s roster of music entities and globally famous artists.

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