SoundCloud’s Next Wave: exploring underground music scenes in new video series

SoundCloud are following their denial of any imminent closure up with a new video series that explores 6 different underground music scenes.

SoundCloud have revealed ‘Next Wave’, a new video series that takes a deep look into some of the world’s hidden music scenes across six of the biggest cities. SoundCloud have partnered with The Fader to create the six shows, which will be released on a monthly basis on SoundCloud’s YouTube channel.

The first episode of ‘Next Wave’ explores the niche scene of Gothic rap that has been making waves across Los Angeles. The episode explores 48 hours of the rising world of goth-rap featuring up-and-coming artists within the scene; Lil Tracy, Fat Nick and Pouya. Fat Nick and Lil Tracy will play an exclusive show in L.A. tonight in celebration of the new documentary’s launch.

Another episode will be released every month for the next 5 months looking at music scenes in Rio, Toronto, New York, London and Berlin. SoundCloud’s aim is to “explore communities of emerging scenes that are embracing the service to connect, collaborate and create a new musical landscape”.

It’s an interesting time for SoundCloud to launch a new series as they have faced claims in the past few weeks that they have run out of money and will soon shut up shop. SoundCloud have denied this completely and have made clear their plans to continue for the foreseeable future.

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