SoundCloud Radio brings a new way to listen from millions of tracks

SoundCloud have just launched their own radio to broadcast their favourite songs and artist on their Repost engine to listeners around the world.

SoundCloud are launching a station with Dash Radio to promote the music coming through their new distribution and marketing service Repost. With Dash’s 12 million monthly subscribers they hope to reach new listeners in cars, on smart speakers, and through their smartphones.

Dash Radio was the place where Billie Eilish made her first radio appearance and Post Malone gave his first interview. It’s got an established reputation for helping to break huge artists to the world and SoundCloud Radio will now be streaming their artists 24/7 to help them reach new audiences too.

They will be selecting Repost and Repost Select artists who distributed their content with them to stream through their new broadcast. Repost Select artists will be able to submit their tracks for consideration by heading to Promotion then Pitch to Partners from their Repost dashborad.

Learn more about both Repost and Repost Select HERE.

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