Sony Music begin licensing STEM files for DJs & producers

Sony Music may begin a revolution in music becoming the first major label to start licensing its STEM files to be used in mixes and new tracks.

STEM files feature all the different elements of a track, allowing producers and remixers to peel tracks back and recreate them in their own design. But not only has it been difficult to get hold of tracks in the new audio file format, it has also seen very little support from majors – meaning most mixes/remixes featuring STEMs are illegal for distribution.

It could all be about to change though. Nashville based-music tech company Remix Hits have just created a major deal with Sony Music that will allow them to sell STEMs from Sony in their ‘Stem Marketplace’. This means there will be an official shop where producers and DJs can legally acquire fully licensed STEMs allowing them to remix vocals and instrumental parts.

With their legally licensed tracks/remixes artists can then distribute their new music on Remix Hits store. Remix Hits have also set up a revenue share plan so that when licensed music is used the original rights holders receive their share of revenues for every sale. At the moment this seems like one of the best ways for independent artists to reclaim giant songs from a major label and legally spread it out to the world.

Remix Hits’ CEO Sam Brooker spoke on how the current remixing system is broken and that’s what informed their new deal with Sony Music. Brooker said: “We’ve created a technology that’s finally caught up to the needs of the remix culture. It’s been really tough over the decades watching all the instances of copyright infringement end in takedowns and litigation against remixers, all the while artists and rights holders continue to suffer from lost revenue.

“It was a no-brainer that we needed to create a system that gave remixers access to legal stems and the legal release opportunities they’ve been dreaming of. We also provide a brand new revenue opportunity to help reinvigorate the music industry we love so much. I’m excited about being able to legally release major label content, and the chance to do this the right way…

“We’re about to create some big opportunities for their artists and all aspiring remix artists around the world.”

Remix Hits confirm that they are also talking to Warner and Universal about similar opportunities.

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