Sony just announced loads of new headphones, and they’re getting Google Assistant

Sony are betting big on their earphones and headphones with more than you can shake a stick at coming out this year.

At the Consumer Electronics Show this year Sony showed off their massive range of headphones. Alongside a bunch of new headphones they also revealed that Google Assistant will work with new headphones and a range of their older ones.

The addition of Google Assistant will let you use the smart AI to play music, take calls, ask questions and more all by talking to your headphones. The list of models that will be getting Google Assistant functionality will include: WH-1000XM2, WI-1000X, WF-1000X, WF-SP700N, WI-SP600N, WH-CH700N, WH-H900N.

On the new headphones front we’re getting an heir to Sony’s MDR-Z1R in the shape of the MDR-1AM phones (who decides these names, really?). These particular cans are capable of playing Hi-Res Audio of up to 100 kHz frequencies thanks to a 40mm HD driver powering the sound. These will be launched sometime in Spring for $300.

Sony’s range wasn’t just made of headphones with a trio of Bluetooth earphones announced for launch early this year as well. The earphones are all fairly similar in design and provide subtly different options for different prices. The buds are fully wireless and the most expensive will be $180 for the WF-SP700N.

Sony earphones new reveal CES music listening headphones

The earphones come with noise-cancelling abilities as well as splashproof design for going out and about in all weathers. The buds have a battery life of roughly 3 hours however with the included charging case can last up to 9 in total.

Sony seem to be going for year of the headphone with all their announcements, including their concept pair of Xperia Ear Open buds. These feature a hole in the buds so you can continue to hear your surroundings and talk to people whilst listening to music, however no release date has been set for these yet.

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