Sonos Speakers: Grouping and Ungrouping Rooms with Multiple Speakers

Sonos is known for its amazing wireless speakers and its common place to have more than one in your home. A lot of users have had issues with creating the perfect multi-speaker system within their house. Here are the steps for quickly Grouping and Ungrouping speakers.

Grouping Rooms:

Touch the speaker name at the top of any screen to bring up Rooms.

1. Tap Group next to the room that’s playing the music you want to send to your other speakers.
2. Select the rooms you want to add to the group.
3. Tap Done.

Want to line up different tunes in different rooms?
(It’s just as easy.)

Ungrouping Rooms:

Again, touch the speaker name at the top of your app screen to open Rooms.

1. Tap Group next to the group you want to change.
2. Deselect the rooms you want to remove from the group.
3. Tap Done.

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