Something For The Weekend?

Up to anything exciting this weekend? Maybe a garden party, going out clubbing or just hanging out on your own at home starring at your bum? All of these things I’m sure would be improved with some new music attacking your ear drum.

Here are some of my favourite free SoundCloud play lists that I’ve been made aware of this week.

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First, here’s NME’s playlist of the 50 best new bands from 2010. There’s some really good stuff in here, the highlight for me being Darwin Deez (number 44). This is a good, reliable playlist that will happily whir away in the background whilst you get up to whatever sordid activities you choose to over the weekend.

50 Best New Bands Of 2010 by Tim Chester NME

Next, an artist I plugged earlier this week in my music suggestions, Ambeson. If you did the honourable thing and bothered to listen to the album I uploaded earlier in the week and liked it, then why not try his remix playlist? Varied, eclectic and relaxing stuff. Ideal for that post clubbing chill out session (yes, sometimes I like to talk like a moron, what of it?).

remixes by ambeson

And finally some Danish dance music. Here is the upcoming releases set from Danish based indie label Melonsound. Another solid playlist that you should be able to happily play in the background at any social gathering without too many complaints.

Upcoming releases by MELONSOUND

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