This small Canadian record store grew almost 1000% in 1 year

People say physical music is dying? Tell that to this Canadian record store thriving above the rest.

Sunrise Records is a Canadian record store that went up against the odds as digital music streamed over the world and have now had a record year. 925% of growth in one year is incredible for anyone, but Sunrise Records managed it in a supposedly harsh industry.

In the past 10 years digital music has grown to rule supreme, leaving many music stores in the dirt – as seen with the grizzly breakdown of HMV across the world. Sunrise Records wanted to break the mold with their 8 record stores at the start of this year. Seeing that Vinyl was the one lasting physical platform, and it was actually growing, Sunrise took initiative.

Under the direction of president Doug Putnam Sunrise placed their bets on vinyl making it the focus of their record stores. As well as moving the focus to vinyl records Sunrise Records have been enhancing the experience of their music stores with vintage items for sale and merchandise, creating a gallery of music goodies.

The company saw such massive success this year, with 925% of growth, which allowed them to save 70 HMVs from bankruptcy by negotiating deals to help them stay afloat. That deal ended up giving Sunrise 78 locations across Canada which they decided wasn’t quite enough so added another 4 stores.

Sunrise Records is a success story for now but after such an incredible year of business they are going to have to adapt to continue with their new prominence in Canada.

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