Slap that bass on your keyboard with this excitingly good VST

Waves Bass Slapper is a virtual instrument that brings the joy of a slap bass sound to your setup without even needing a bass.

Slapping a bass with your thumb makes such a powerful, unique sound that recreating it is near impossible. But no longer will you have to settle for a flat bass sound with Waves new VST giving you all the pops, slaps, bops, and baps you could want.

Bass Slapper gives producers new possibilities in their mixes but also gives an easy alternative to bass players who can’t master that slap but the sound is vital to their latest composition. The virtual instrument is capable or faithfully replicating the sound but doesn’t scrimp on playing techniques.

With the Bass Slapper you can control the articulation of every note and recreate “thumbing, popping, hammer-ons, pull-offs, open strings and even dead notes”. The creators say: “Bass Slapper includes the world’s most extensive sample library of special bass guitar sounds, with slides, left- and right-hand mutes and harmonic strums.”

The software they’ve built for Bass Slapper allows you to intuitively design each note by position on the fretboard, articulation of playing, which strings to use for their different tones and even more. Beyond it’s amazing playing versatility Bass Slapper also features a variety of studio-grade stompboxes all beautifully recreated within the VST. Select your FX with wahs, delays, chorus’, overdrive and more. You can even choose from authentic amp sounds or a DI box tone.

With so many cool features, here’s an easy summary of the awesome Bass Slapper:

  • The world’s most extensive slap bass sample library
  • 11 interactive playing positions with automatic string switching
  • Full 5-string articulations: thumbing, popping, mutes & more
  • Real-time MIDI controls
  • Customizable Keyswitch Editor
  • Studio-quality effects & authentic amp simulation
  • Detailed tone controls with 4-band EQ, sub octave, low boost
  • Authentic amp & clean DI tones
  • Plugin or standalone instrument
  • NKS-ready for NI Komplete Kontrol and Maschine

Bass Slapper is currently on sale from Waves at just $29 down from $69. Don’t miss out, bag yours now:

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