Shazam just released their first update since Apple bought them

Earlier this month song recognition app Shazam was bought by Apple, and now they’ve released their first update since the acquisition.

Shazam have released the first update to their app since the company was bought by Apple. The update allows Shazam to cache songs that you scan when there is no/limited internet connection so that it can still discover the track later hen you have a solid connection again. Once Shazam has found the track it will pop up with a notification for you.

It’s not clear what Apple’s long term plans are with the newly acquired Shazam, it’s likely that this new update was in the works pre-Apple. Whilst Shazam has built it’s service around music recognition in recent years they have found themselves profiting via a marketing business. They have built unique advert experiences for a bunch of big brands including Coca-Cola,┬áMaltesers, films, and more.

Whatever Apple’s plans are their acquisition has spread concern throughout music businesses, with Deezer, Spotify, and other European tech companies appealing to European regulators to stop Apple’s powergrab as they begin to loom over rivals. Additionally the purchase could spell a troubled future for Shazam on non-apple products like Android smartphones and Windows PCs.

Just this week Deezer announced the release of their own Shazam-like feature, SongCatcher, that is being introduced into their search function. This will allow you to scan and discover songs straight from their streaming app and instantly save any music to your library or playlists. This could be a potential rival to Shazam if Apple goes militant, we will have to see.

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