Share your gigs with fans on Pandora now with Eventbrite

Let the world know where you’re playing your next concert and build up some hype on Pandora with their new partnership sharing your gigs with listeners.

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Finding fans can be hard and keeping them up to date with your latest moves as an artist can be even harder. That’s why Pandora’s partnership with Eventbrite is great as it shows your upcoming concerts to people when they come to stream your music, so your next gig comes to them and they don’t have to go searching for it.

Eventbrite will be integrated into Pandora AMP, the streamer’s free marketing platform for artists on their streaming service. The Promote Show feature can be used to promote and push live events using automated tools that will share shows through the AMP suite completely for free.

AMP’s Promote Show tool will feature:

  • Concert notification banners on listeners’ “Now Playing” screen
  • Concert alerts in listeners’ Pandora feed

Pandora AMP will now work to promote your shows from Eventbrite, which includes Ticketfly, and Songkick so that all of your fans new and old know when you’re playing near them and make sure they don’t miss their chance to get tickets. It’s so simple you hardly need to do a thing, so what are you waiting for? Sign up to Pandora AMP and start promoting your concerts now!

Find out more and sign up here:
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