Share the music you love from Spotify now on Facebook

Spotify wants to get people listening and sharing on Facebook with a new feature that lets you post music clips to your Stories.

Spotify have teamed up with Facebook to bring some melody into your Facebook Stories. When you’re listening to a song on Spotify that the world needs to hear it’s now as simple as selecting Facebook from the share button to add a 15-second song preview to your Story.

When people watch your Facebook Story they’ll hear the song you’ve shared. They can tap on ‘Play on Spotify’ to be sent straight to the Spotify app and listen to the full song. Spotify say that, “for now”, the music will only play when a single song is shared, whilst sharing full albums, playlist, etc. will share a playable link with no audio.

Last year Spotify teamed up with Instagram for sharing music. When users shared a track, album, or playlist from Spotify onto Instagram they could create a customised card and invite people to go and listen. However unlike Spotify’s new Facebook Story integration, Instagram didn’t include song snippets.

Spotify said in their announcement: “Taking advantage of our sharing features helps to get your tunes to more people’s ears. It will also encourage your fans to interact with you and your music and help spread the love through their own Facebook Stories. Try it out for your next release or a special anniversary, or to simply step up your daily storytelling – because every story, even a 15-second one, deserves a proper soundtrack.”

Mark Zuckerberg revealed in April that Facebook Stories has 500 million daily users. So if you want people to hear your music then Stories has the potential for a massive audience when you share from Spotify.

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