See where people are Shazam-ing music on the map

Find the songs that people are loving and discovering the most in each city with this Shazam map.

Whether you’re a DJ looking for the tracks that are going to have the best impact where you’re playing, or you’re simply curious about what’s popping off in a random city, a tool from Shazam gives you the lowdown on what’s being scanned where.

Using the Shazam tool you can easily see the top 50 most Shazamed tracks for hundreds of cities around the world. The lists are updated every day so you can always stay on top of the latest trends and tunes.

With insights into what’s popular on Shazam you’re not only seeing what people are listening to but what is trending and what people are trying to discover more of. For the uninformed, Shazam scans music that is playing to identify the track and give more details about the artist as well as links to listen to more and save it.

Use Shazam’s daily updated charts now and stay on top of all the latest music trends, wherever they are happening.

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