Scratch some records with the world’s first DJ pizza box from Pizza Hut

Ever wanted to mix some tracks on decks built into a pizza box? No? Well tell that to Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut UK have partnered up with Novalia, experts in printed electronics, to create the “world’s first playable DJ pizza box”. Using bluetooth you can connect the decks up to your smartphone or laptop to start mixing.

There are two decks so you can mix two tracks together using the pizza box controls. Each deck has volume controls, pitch up and down, play, cue, sync and a fader between the two decks. As if all that DJing power in a pizza box wasn’t impressive enough, you can actually scratch the streamed tracksĀ using the two large printed decks.

Whilst they work, and surprisingly efficiently, I think Pizza Hut are well aware that this is a gimmick and you aren’t going be turning up to the rave with a bluetooth powered pizza box. Despite that with syncing options to Serato DJ software you can definitely have a fun play around with it.

Pizza Hut are making just 5 of their DJ Pizza Boxes available and they’re currently keeping their locations under wraps. To be in with a chance of winning one then keep track of their Twitter @PizzaHutUK to find out which UK Pizza Hut location they’ll be at, and when.

Pizza Hut aren’t the first fast food restaurant to embrace music. Just earlier this year McDonald’s introduced some DJ placemats in their Netherlands locations. The placemats were of a similar design to the pizza boxes with touch activated tech underneath the covering material. McDonald’s placemats weren’t for mixing though and rather recording your own music, offering a keyboard, rhythm loops, recording options and even some effects.

Although it’s a shame that it’s coming out of fast food promotion, it’s great to see musical creativity being implemented into parts of life where you wouldn’t expect it. Hopefully we can see more places take part in initiatives like these, even if it just another fast food outlet.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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