Remixlive for iOS gets a full MAC version with enhanced features

A brand new version of the popular Remixlive iOS DAW app has been released and brings it onto Mac computers for an even deeper music making experience.

Remixlive Mac has been designed to take advantage of any MIDI pad controller, no matter the grid size. That means you can customise the grid to fit your controller of choice, as an option each time you create a new pack.

The mixer has been expanded to include Mute and Solo buttons with professional three-band EQs on each individual channel. The Mac version also comes with brand new desktop-class audio effects.

The Mac version of Remixlive has been designed not just to work with MIDI pad controllers but to work at it’s best when used with one, making it perfect for live performances too. Through MIDI learning Remixlive can map itself to any MIDI controller from any brand so you can take control over Remixlive the way you want.

Remixlive app Macintosh Apple music making production pads MIDI controller

Remixlive comes with a load of great samples, featuring 15 different packs that range from hip-hop to dubstep. Each pack features 48 samples of beats, basslines, melodies, vocals, and FX samples. One of the sample packs is provided by legendary DJ/producer Carl Cox.

Along with the new customizable colour pads and the custom grid size, Remixlive Mac adds compatibility with Apple’s Retina displays, allowing for a beautiful scalable interface that looks good in every circumstance.

Sharing to SoundCloud and YouTube has never been easier with sharing options inbuilt. You just need to log in with your details and when you’re happy with track click the sharing buttons to instantly upload your track.

With recording on desktop you can now record in a variety of high quality audio formats including AIFF, FLAC, OGG, and WAV.  Remixlive Mac comes as both a standalone app and a VST container, allowing you to integrate Remixlive directly into your workflow using your favourite DAW.

Remixlive Apple Macintosh DAW controller music production creation

Here are the key features in Remixlive Mac:

  • A modular pad grid that adapts to any configuration or MIDI pad controller
  • 6 free sample packs (3 included directly in the app), with 13 more available as In App Purchases
  • Tweak your sound with instant FX and beat repeat pads
  • Live BPM control: change the tempo on the fly without stopping the music
  • Multiple Mode: play several pads per column simultaneously
  • Edit Play mode, Quantize, Gain, ADSR, Pan, Loop Division, Reverse, Transpose
  • Import your own samples
  • Record any sound or voice through the mic or audio in — with an optional overdub
  • Mac-exclusive feature
  • Modular grid: customize the grid size to your liking – up to 10 columns and 10 rows
  • New effects: Infinite Delay, Low Phaser, Flangus, Jet-Up, Metalizer, Basic Slicer, Fast Gate, Crush, Bliss, Big Bright Hall, Freezer and Reactor
  • DJM-modelled high quality EQs
  • Share recordings via SoundCloud and YouTube
  • AU/VST version that you can integrate into the DAW of your choice, including Ableton Live
  • Cubase, GarageBand, and many more
  • Fully resizable and scalable Retina interface

Remixlive is available on the Mac App Store. It’s currently available for a limited edition discount of $29.99 (RRP $69.99).


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