R1 Radio is the New Il-gu Cha Designed Analogue Radio

Il-gu cha has designed an analog radio, the R1 radio. The tuning is done by moving the radio from left to right and volume is controlled by rolling the radio forward and backward, watch the video, here. I like this design!

An analog radio is one of most important product for a blind people. In the using a behavior of how people manipulated rather than burying all of interaction in to the product. So adjusting radio to the right station would require a new kind of manipulation rather than simply tuning a knob.

‘R1’ has designed for them to control the radio more intuitively. By using a wheel structure user can control the radio by physical movement. The ‘R1’ allowed users to turn gadget on or off and to control volume and tuning simply by physically rolling the radio forward, backward and sideways.



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