Qobuz lowers its hi-res audio price as it drops MP3 completely

The French streaming service ‘Qobuz’ has moved onwards and upwards in the world on music downloads with its move towards normalising high-quality audio for a smaller price.

Qobuz will be lowering its cost of hi-res audio to just $14.99 compared to the initial $24.99 price plan that was launched in June. This comes with the removal of MP3 audio across the US side of the music service.

US Managing Director Dan Mackta said: “MP3 is really bad for music, artists, and listeners – so Qobuz is saying ‘no’ to MP3 and now offers only real studio quality in one accessible plan.”

Along with the monthly price of $14.99, there are other options with Qobuz. They offer a yearly deal at $149.99 and a ‘Sublime+’ package for $249.99 which adds a discount on hi-res audio purchases made and multiple streaming options. In another quote from MD Dan Mackta on this subject he said: “With the new plan, we will be pouring gasoline on the growth that has been kindled by our unique relationships in the premium audio hardware and retail industries.”

This move puts Qobuz is a much better position against rivals Amazon Music HD and Tidal with a great cheap alternative to downloading great quality audio and with the music market growing every day, who knows where this optimistic plan could leave them.

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