This grid-based multi-effects/sound/filter/things pedal can do anything

Create new instruments, sounds, effects, and so much more with Zoia, this fascinating stompbox with a compact grid pad.

Zoia is an incredibly versatile and powerful pedal-board from Empress that changes the definition of what’s capable with just a stompbox. It’s creators describe it as a “compact grid of musical anything” that is capable of using and creating instruments, effects, and utilities with nearly limitless possibilities.

Using it’s unique (for a pedal anyway) grid-based pad system and a scroll wheel you can navigate it’s library of functions, sound-makers, filters, effects, and more. Connect the sound modules up in any way you like to create distinctive and varied sounds. Zoia was revealed at NAMM so details are┬álimited at the moment but here’s everything we know about this intriguing pedal-board currently.

  • Stereo operation (including Empress effect algorithms)
  • MIDI i/o – CV & clock in
  • Save patches as supermodules to speed up creation
  • Ongoing updates (new modules!)
  • Random create function to jumpstart or invigorate your process
  • Blocks can all be linked freely to multiple sources & destinations
  • Extensive favourites system: even moments can be favourited, to quickly return to a safe place if your patch goes awry

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