A portable music studio for $130? That’s Minijam Studio

The creators behind Patchblocks are back on the scene with a new range of compact devices that connect together for a super cheap, compact studio setup.

The idea of Minijam Studio is to transform the idea of a live performance setup or recording studio and compact it into a range of small hardware that is affordable enough for beginners to jump into. With a drum machine, wavetable synthesiser, an analog filter, mixer and a speaker the Minijam Studio gives you everything you need to jump into music creation wherever you are with “impressive sound quality”.

Each device in the Minijam Studio can be used with any number of the other devices or alone, thanks to independent rechargeable batteries in each one. But you’re not limited just to the kit that comes in the Studio range, as the mixer allows you to plug in other hardware and expand your mix using the mixer’s trigger syncing feature.

Here’s what each part of the awesome miniature studio can do:

tek.drum – Drum Machine

minijam tek.drum drum machine
minijam tek.drum drum machine
  • 8 Drum-Synthesis tracks with 4 parameters per track
  • 8 Patterns with 16 steps
  • automation and parameter locks of all 32 parameters
  • pattern chaining up to 128 steps
  • global delay send effect
  • save patterns and automation to flash
  • up to 12h battery life

 tek.waves – Wavetable Synthesizer

minijam tek.waves wavetable synthesizer
minijam tek.waves wavetable synthesizer
  • 16 fully automatable sound parameters divided into 4 pages
  • 4 wave table banks
  • arpeggiator with hold, octave range and arp mode settings
  • 4 patterns with up to 128 steps per pattern
  • scale select, and 2 octave keyboard within selected scale
  • global delay send effect
  • save patterns and automation to flash
  • up to 12h battery life

 tek.filter – Analog Filter

minijam tek.filter analog filter
minijam tek.filter analog filter
  • audio input and output
  • 2 pole resonant low-pass / band-pass filter
  • up to 40h battery life

 .hub – Mixer and Recorder

minijam .hub mixer and recorder
minijam .hub mixer and recorder
  • 3 mono channel input with sync trigger output per channel (stereo cable)
  • digital encoder and display to set tempo
  • 44.1kHz 16bit .wav recording to micro SD card
  • up to 8h battery life

.boom – Portable Speaker

  • small, battery powered speaker

Find out more and nab some or all of the Minijam Studio from their Kickstarter: www.kickstarter.com/projects/2012099678/minijam-studio-portable-music-machines

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