Pocket Casts’ podcast app is now free to use

Podcasts are getting more popular by the day and this popular podcast app are looking to the Spotify model to get more people listening.

Pocket Casts are a popular podcast platform offering a selection of over 700,000 podcasts from the top creators around. They boast their abilities in finding new favourites through hand curated podcast recommendations and discovery tools. They can now boast offering it all for free.

The app used to be available for a one-time $3.99 charge, or more if you wanted to use their desktop app. Now they’ve taken away the pay wall so that the app is totally free to access but with the option to upgrade to Premium for $0.99 a month, or $10 a year. Users who have purchased the app in the past get 3 years for free.

Their new Premium subscription, Pocket Casts Plus, offers access across any device or platform. It comes with 10GB of cloud storage for users to upload audio and video, as well as exclusive app icons and themes. They hope that the cloud storage will be especially appealing for podcast creators to look at footage and shows before publishing them.

In a release statement, Pocket Casts CEO, Owen Grover said: “In today’s rapidly evolving audio landscape, it’s important we stand for free and open access – not walled gardens – to grow the medium while delivering the world’s best listening experience.”

The app launched in 2010 and has grown a lot since then with a dedicated fanbase and millions of downloads. At the time freemium models weren’t the standard that they were today, and the developers needed to support themselves. The change in their payment process represents a change in culture but also represents Pocket Casts growth in the last decade.

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