Pandora streams are now included in Billboard’s music charts

Billboard’s famous Hot 100 music chart is integrating Pandora streams for an even more comprehensive chart of what music is the most popular at the time.

Just a week after Billboard implemented streaming figures into all of their genre charts as well as the Hot 100 they have revealed that they are integrating Pandora plays as well. This is a giant step for Pandora, who are preparing to launch a new Premium service sometime soon.

Pandora wasn’t included in streaming data because it’s free service works like a radio rather than a traditional streaming service. Despite that Pandora stands as the most popular streaming platform in the US and makes up roughly 10% of all radio listening, meaning it’s plays should count towards popular charts – something Billboard have picked up on.

Pandora boss and co-founder, Tim Westergren said: “Pandora is now the No.1 radio station in 87 US markets and represents roughly 10 percent [of] all radio listening. With the inclusion of Pandora data, the Billboard charts that have guided listeners and been so central to the music industry for decades now reflect a truer measure of a song’s popularity today. I’m thrilled that the ‘Pandora effect’ will now be formally recognized in the industry’s gold standard for measurement.”

Billboard co-president John Amato added: “Billboard’s unrivaled charts are the definitive source for ranking music popularity. Close to 80 million music lovers listen to Pandora every month and we look forward to bringing our brands together to incorporate Pandora’s data into our charts.”

Billboard note that Pandora’s streams will count at a lesser value than traditional streams as plays are more direct on other services. Pandora’s streaming data will begin to be incorporated into Billboard’s charts on February 11.

As well as the Hot 100 Pandora’s data will also be integrated into all Billboard’s streaming-based charts as well as: Hot Country Songs, Hot Rock Songs, Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, Hot Rap Songs, Hot R&B Songs, Hot Latin Songs, Hot Dance/Electronic Songs, Hot Christian Songs and Hot Gospel Songs.

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