Pandora adds full song credits

The people that make music matter and to ensure no one is left without recognition Pandora have added full song credits on web and their desktop app.

Sometimes it can be easy to be left behind in the new world of music streaming. If you contributed to another artist’s tracks then you don’t have the benefit of an album sleeve to pull out featuring your liner notes contribution credits when you’re listening on Spotify.

Streaming services like Spotify and Tidal have added full credits to tracks and albums where applicable, making the full roster behind the music available at a click. Pandora have added full song credits to their web player and desktop app so that everyone gets the credit they deserve.

The credits will list everyone involved in the creation of a song from the people in front of the microphones to the people behind the studio and the writers. On a song’s details page Pandora will display the first few credits and with a click will display all of a song’s available credits.

When you upload your music with RouteNote make sure that you credit the people involved within your metadata to make sure that they show up when people want to see who was behind the tunes on Pandora and other streaming services.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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