Bands Under The Radar – Great Unsigned Talent

There are some great sites out there that are really trying to help unsigned bands, one of which I like to think is our service. A new site that I came across today is Bands Under The Radar.

Bands Under The Radar is a site that likes to highlight bands from all over the world who are going completely unnoticed at the moment. The sites uses technology from Top Spin media to offer a great list of Mp3s on their site for a very little price. The last example is their download 100 songs for only $10.

bands under the radar

Artist Self Promotion Tools – Playlist and linkmaker

megaphoneEveryone seems to be agreeing that the way to get yourself noticed online is to give away a taster of your music, then give fans the opportunity to buy the rest of your catalogue, t-shirts, tickets and whatever else you can offer on the back of the free sample.

If you want to take this advice, here are a few places you might consider setting up a playlist including some of your music; just make sure you’ve got links back to your own website, or to your music on iTunes (after we’ve down your digital music distribution, obviously). – Set up a list including your video that you can embed into your own website, facebook or myspace. – Free streaming site where you can upload your own tracks and mash up other peoples – make sure you put your info and gig dates in the liner notes for your playlist – Spotify’s dedicated playlist hosting site. In it’s infancy, but a nice way of getting people to your music really easily (especially if we’ve already got your music online with them). – A hosting and discovery site for short playlists (at least 1/2 an hour of music)

then of course there’s always iTunes – putting up podcasts is a little tricky if you’re not using a mac, but here’s the guide page on how to produce your own podcasts – with the added bonus that you can link people straight to your content on itunes (also click here to use our itunes linkmaker for other sites).

Tunes Pro: New Download Store That Wants To Be The Next

Tunespro is a new music download store that I just came across and its seems to be to good to be true. A few years ago there was a music download store called which operated out of Russia and offered top music from the major labels at hugely discounted rates. Of course Allofmp3 was not backed by the major labels and was soon sued and taken down. Tunespro seems to be the next Allofmp3.

Tunespro has a great design and has some of the newest tracks from all of the biggest artists worldwide. However, Im sure that the major labels would like to hear that their music is being sold at only $0.19 per single and $2.99 per album. Compare that to iTunes who sell their tracks at approximately $0.99 per single and $9.99 per album.

Looking at Tunespro there is completely no information about the company running the service and the only way to get in touch is via their very basic contact form. Its shouting illegal!


Shameless Self Promotion – Polina Kourakina

Polina KourakinaBand Name: Polina Kourakina
Genre:  Acoustic Alternative with a hint of Jazz and Blues.

[EDIT: 3rd person from a 1st person perspective usually makes my hackles rise, but Polina is really enthusiastic about her music, so give her a chance and check out her stuff 🙂 ] When Polina Kourakina steps up on stage, there’s a small giggle and wink of a smile across her face. She then lightly hops up on the stool provided for all the show and tell individuals, and clears her throat. She then quickly makes the scene fill with a presence of calm serenity and young minded spirit by stating “here’s my soul in a bundle of 6 strings tightly wound on my guitar”. The song starts slowly, increasing in tempo, which makes your heart beat with the rhythm. Finally an astounding sound of a voice crawls out of that tiny little girl, proclaiming her love for the music. The reason I believe polina kourakina is so unique compared to other musicians is how she controls the scene, and draws people in with her choice of poetry, and chord progressions. Undeniably I cannot see her on the face of some poppy magazine cover, but yet on a tour bus heading to a strongly awaiting town of individuals waiting to hear the songs of life, love, pain, and hope. What does her music sound like? It’s soothing, original and calms the soul. Polina has played in many places, from café’s in D.C., to the dive in bar in San Diego. This shows to most that no matter what coast you’re on, you’ll love what you hear. She, will be the best, and greatest, but what this little young lady has, no other can match up to. Her love for the music, you
see through her soul when she is on stage. The riffs with her voice, the choice of jazz notations seep into your every crevice finding you inside. Inspired by her mom, and loved ones.

YouTube .com:

Polina-Catching the Port

Simon Cowell’s Yearly Earnings

A little more upper body work, and he'll be Governor of California in no time.Even if Sting doesn’t like it, the X Factor is a phenomenal success. Some people watch it for the cringe value, some for the singing, and some (like me)  just to shout at the telly whenever Simon rolls his eyes at the incompetence of the people his researchers have invited along specifically for their lack of talent and capacity for self delusion. If you invite them along for the audience to laugh at, don’t pretend that they’re wasting your time… especially if they’re part of the formula that’s netting you an eight figure takehome!

Forbes published their rich list, and Music News have plucked out the top ten earning TV stars:

Prime Time TV’s Top Earning ten according to Forbes magazine:

1. Simon Cowell – $75 million
2. Donald Trump – $50 million
3. Ryan Seacrest – $38 million
4. Charlie Sheen – $21 million
5. Steve Carell – $20 million
(the rest of the list on Music News)

Cowell’s vast income is based not just on his salary as a judge on the show, but also on his ownership of the production company that owns and licenses the format worldwide, and on the exploitation of contracts with the various winners. Similarly to my take  on the inimitable Mr. Williams, I don’t like Cowell’s modus operandi, but there’s no denying that he’s achieved more than enough success to warrant his smug self-righteousness.

Rammstein Latest Album Banned In Germany

rammstein cover

Rammstien’s new album, more accurately the front cover, ‘Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da’ (Love is for everyone) has been deemed as “harmful” to young people and can no longer appear on public display in most shops across Germany.

According to German officials, the artwork offends act 18 of their youth protection act. The Office for the Examination of Media Harmful in Germany put pen to paper this week and the law came into effect on Wednesday 11th November (yesterday).

On top of this, Rammstein will not be allowed to perform song ‘Ich Tu Dir Weh’ (‘I Want to Hurt You’) live in Germany anywhere until the ban is lifted.

The album cover sees the band preparing a young woman (along with some vegetables!) for what looks like human stew, insinuating cannibalism. Or sacrifice in some opinions.

Some of the new tracks are available for free listening at

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Lynyrd Skynyrd 2010 UK Tour

lynyrd skynyrd

American South rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd have announced plans for their UK 2010 tour.

Be it a limited amount of dates, it will the first time the band have played in the UK since the release of their album ”Gold and Guns” earlier this year.

Tickets go on sale at the end of this week on, Friday the 13th, and are available from Dates for the tour, all of which are in March, are below.

  • Birmingham, LG Arena – 4th
  • Cardiff, International Arena – 5th
  • London, HMV Hammersmith Apollo – 6th
  • Manchester, Apollo – 8th
  • Glasgow, Clyde Auditorium – 9th

Billboard Launching Billboard Live: Music Concert Streaming for Free Online and iPhone

billboard logo

Billboard has always been a leader in breaking news and inside sources, however they seem to have lost their way a bit online. Thus, Billboard is now looking to grow its service even further and expand into other areas. Today, Billboard is launching a new service called Billboard Live. Having the chance to stream festivals across the ocean is nice, but Billboard offers us a customized version of streaming by letting us choose what we want their cameras to focus on.

According to Associated Press, not only does this new website offer music lovers FREE streaming of selected concerts, but there are options galore! Users get to choose from five different camera angles in which they would like to view the show.

Two more factors that could possibly make this the #1 concert-streaming site? First off, the ADD generation of social platforms have the option to also use Twitter or Facebook without having to leave the website. Secondly, (and of course) it’ll be available on for iPhone.