Tapulous Partner With Universal Music Group for More Tap Tap Revenue Games

tapulousWe are always  looking for new markets for our artists and the gaming market has been on a list for a while now. Tap Tap Revenge is one of the biggest games on the iPhone and Tapulous the makers of the game have an ever growing network. Currently Tapulous has released Coldplay and NIN versions of their game in which they sell for about $4.99 in the iTunes app store. Tapulous has now announced that they have signed Universal Music Group to their roster and will be soon releasing more and more versions of Tap Tap Revenge.

Tapulous chief Bart Decrem admitted that purchases of premium versions of the game were quite modest. However, Decrem has been scaling the concept through the delivery of free apps, a familiar startup model that mostly pushes the monetization puzzle to a later date.

Lady Gaga is rumoured to be the first artist from Universal that will get their own game and im sure it will be released at about $4.99.

It would be great if Tapulous actually released lesser known artists in their free game and even becoming a tool for users to find new unsigned and independent artists, while at the same time releasing premium versions of better know mainstream artists.

Who Regulates The Music Industry? No One Really Knows

The longer I work in the music industry the more I find it lacks direction. For a long time now it has been run is wild west kind of way, and until now the old mans club of the major labels has been completely in control. In the last few years the music industry has been really taking a hit from press and media about how they aren’t really too sure where they are headed.

Music licensing and royalty collection is very confusing to the average artist, and I must admit that it seems as though there are many music organisation not really doing too much but seem to think they have control and rights. For example in the USA what organisations are collecting royalties for musicians for mechanical licenses and radio plays etc? Is this organisation the only company in charge of doing so? Are reports from this organisation in control of also creating official music charts that are based on real sales and not preempted sales?

These are just a few of the many questions that not only artists are asking but also the average person. The music industry needs a complete reform from the ground up and no one seems to even know where to start.

How To Get Your Music onto eMusic and Amazon Mp3

emusicHere at RouteNote we have been trying to improve our service so that artists from all over the world now have access to selling their music online via the worlds largest download stores. Previously we talked about how with RouteNote artists can get their music onto iTunes, but I just wanted to let everyone know that we also distribute to eMusic and Amazon Mp3.

I know that iTunes has over 80% of the digital music download market at the moment, but very slowly eMusic and Amazon Mp3 are closing the gap. eMusic is known for having the worlds largest independent catalogue, while Amazon Mp3 are the new players on the block who are making great strides in a short period of time.

So if you want to get your music onto eMusic and Amazon Mp3 for free then head over to our registration page and signup.


GroupieTunes: Mobile Music Store Goes Offline

groupietunes-logoWe have noticed that one of the worlds leading mobile stores has shut down their service for a limited time. GroupieTunes has shut down their website so they can revamp it and then relaunch. I find this a little weird as because in the meantime while the new site is being developed the company is makingno revenues. It seems like they are just wasting their traffic and hurting their SEO and customers.

It would be great to hear your thoughts on GroupieTunes and their previous service.

The Beatles Rock Band Video Game Launched

Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr turned up onstage at Microsoft’s E3 press conference last night to plug the upcoming music game The Beatles: Rock Band. The game will include over 45 songs with others also available to download from a dedicated online store.

One – All You Need Is Love – will have all royalties from sales donated to the Doctors Without Borders charity. There’s a trailer too – the first sight of how the game will look. Watch it above and let us know what you think.

eMusic Adds Sony to Their Music Store But Reactions Have Been Terrible

A few days ago it was reported that eMusic has come to a deal with Sony to add their catalogue. However, there has been a lot of reaction from this new deal for eMusic, because this is the first major record label eMusic has added. Hypebot has a great preview of the service and then some interesting reactions that have been voiced on the eMusic message boards.

Jellybones: Thank you eMusic. Its been a good run here for me. I love emusic, been here over 5 years. But I can’t afford my tracks to be cut by 2/3 for the same price.

90 downloads will become 35. Sorry, not worth it for the selection. I can go buy a couple albums (maybe only 2 instead of 3) but I can get exactly what I want.

Kez RE: I feel sold out. It seems eMusic is enraptured with the dazzle of their future customer-trolls and have cast aside their loyal member base.

From the UK xtrev: As noted down in the bowels of the ‘Major label…’ thread, the new more expensive price plans have appeared on site today. Including Booster prices. Damn.

Don’t think I’ll be buying many more 50 track boosters at 20.99 UK pounds. That’s a HUGE increase over the previous 14.99. If this is an example of what it means to have major label content here, then frankly they can shove it.

btx: Except for very rare circumstances, I’m not particularly interested in giving my cash to the major labels, that’s why I come here. If it is going to cost me more for their presence [even if I should choose not to download their stuff], that may be the end for me.

d.w.: “Effective Jul 6, 2009, your plan will change to the new eMusic Plus plan which gives you 37 downloads for $14.99 every 30 days.

We’re sorry that we’ve had to retire your current plan, but we’re confident that you’ll find even more music to love among the many new additions to the music catalog. And of course, you can always choose a different plan by visiting the Plan Options page within Your Account.”

My current plan is (grandfathered) 65 tracks per month for $14.99. This means that your Sony deal results in a 100% per track price increase over what I’m paying currently.

I appreciate(?) that you’ll be adding a lot of music from major labels that I could frankly not give a crap about (Alicia Keys — really?), but literally halving the amount of tracks I get on my current plan is a bit much to take. I’ve been a subscriber since 2000, but I am seriously considering canceling at this point.

eMusic is one of our great partners here at RouteNote and I would have rather seen the service stay with the indie industry and not attach themselves to the major labels, but now it seems like there is a new opportunity in the market for another indie service.

How Much Does Simon Cowell Make for Sony

simon_cowellI was sitting in my living this evening watching Britain’s Got Talent Final and really wondered what Simon Cowell actually owns and how much his companies make. Well I thought I would write a quick article and run through the basics of the Cowell empire.

Simon founded a record label and television company Syco which encompasses music, film and television. Within these companies they operate television shows such as The X Factor, Britains Got Talent, American Inventor, America’s Got Talent and Grease is the Word.

Cowell claims Syco accounted for approximately 40% of Sony Music Entertainment profit in 2006, despite only employing 14 people. By 2008, it was believed that Syco accounted for as much as 70% of Sony profits. In 2008 Sony music entertainment forecasted a net profit of $1.5 billion, thus making Simon Cowell’s companies estimated at $1.05 billion if they indeed did 70% of the profits.

RoyaltyShare Leaves Digital Music Distribution. RouteNote Offers RoyaltyShare Customers a Discount!

It has been reported over at PaidContent that RoyaltyShare is going to be exiting the digital distribution market. When it introduced its digital-distribution service last January, RoyaltyShare said it would provide a web-based platform for record labels and niche distributors to interact directly with digital retailers, bypassing the need to go through large digital aggregators such The Orchard. The company also said digital distribution would compliment its royalty service, which helps entertainment companies calculate royalties from digital sales.

Since this has happened to RoyaltyShare we would like to offer a hand to RoyaltyShare members who want to continue to digital distribute their music. If you signup to RouteNote and then contact us saying that you are from RoyaltyShare and your account name over there, then we will increase your percentage up from 90% to 95% of all sales.

Leighton Meester Has New Album Out Soon, but Now Featured in Cobra Starship

There are a lot of tv celebrities who are currently trying to move into the music space and Leighton Meester is a prime example. You might know Leighton from the popular television series Gossip Girl, but now she is give music a go and of course a major label has already jumped onboard and signed her. Meester signed with Universal and it going to be releasing her debut album very soon. She mentions that the album is going to be a bit electro and dance, so im very interested to see how it sounds.

Leighton has already been featured in a track by Cobra Starship and its actually very catchy, so let me know if you are going to buy her album if its like this!

Cobra Starship – Good Girls Go Bad ft. Leighton Meester

Get My Music onto iTunes

For a long time artists have been finding difficult to get their music on iTunes and other digital music stores. Here at RouteNote we are trying to make it easier than ever before for unsigned and independent artists to get their music onto these stores and more. At RouteNote we currently offer artists to get their music onto iTunes and other stores completely for free with no upfront fees. RouteNote is also going to bring on a lot more partners in the near future which will make our service a lot more appealing than all ours in the market.

Stay tuned for more big news about partnerships and offers coming soon.