Something For The Weekend

The fact that I’m posting at this hour on a Friday should say enough to you about how my weekend is going thus far… If you’re at a bit of a loose end this weekend then why not take a listen to these free playlists? You never know, you might actually enjoy yourself, you might actually have a far better time than all those ‘people’ off gallivanting with their ‘friends’.

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Full Time Hobby have kindly uploaded some bonus tracks to their soundcloud page following the release of Erland and the Carnival’s self titled debut album, which you can buy here.

Erland & The Carnival – Bonus Tracks by fulltimehobby

If it’s something more American-Folky you’re looking for then why not take a listen to Peter Lehndorff’s latest playlist. If you’re not familiar with his work he writes very charming and funny little songs packed with character. You have to really listen carefully to keep up with all the jokes, but if you’re reading this then I guess it’s not like you have anything better to do with your Friday night…This set was recorded live which means you get people laughing along with you, making you feel a bit less of a lonely, chuckling freak. If you like these songs then take a look at the rest of his SoundCloud page.

Live from WWUH (from the 20th century) by PeterLehndorff

Enjoy the weekend.

Silje Nes Remix Competition

Hello there remix artists, could I have your attention please? The Norwegian singer-songwriter Silje Nes has with her record label Fat Cat Records announced a remix competition for her new single ‘Branches’. You can hear the original mix by visiting her MySpace page and you can download the track’s individual parts from the SoundCloud player below.

The original is sparse enough for you to get really creative with your production, and once you feel you’ve adequately bastardized her work entry couldn’t be simpler; simply upload your audio file to competition’s SoundCloud drop box here.

The top 5 entrants will feature on a downloadable EP that will be released later this year by Fat Cat. Entries have to be submitted by the 11th of October. You can find out everything else you may wish to know about this competition by clicking here.

Silje Nes – ‘Branches’ remix competition by FatCat Records

Titus Andronicus Will Be Playing Shows in the UK in November

Titus Andronicus have just announced that they will be touring the UK later this year.

17 – The Albert, Brighton
18 – Haymakers, Cambridge
19 – Cooler, Bristol
20 – Bodega, Nottingham
21 – Salford Lad’s Club, Manchester
23 – Oran Mor, Glasgow
24 – Harley, Sheffield
25 – Scala, London
26 – Academy 2, Liverpool
27 – Whealans, Dublin

Ticket details are still unknown, but Im sure you will find them in all good ticketing outlets very soon.

Site & Sound: Titus Andronicus from VanLou Media on Vimeo.

Midweek Music Suggestions: 15/09/2010

Hello there, how is your week going? Boring you say? How typically self centered of you to be so bored. I suppose some new music might go someway to resolving this boredom? Well, here are three bits of free music for you to sink your disgusting, selfish talons into. I hope you’re satisfied.

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That Darwin Deez has kicked up a bit of a stink in 2010, wouldn’t you say? If you’ve not yet heard this year’s magnificent album Constellations then slap yourself in the face for being such a blinkered fool and buy it from iTunes. If you are already a fan, then please enjoy these remixes of the album’s title track – ‘Constellations

Darwin Deez – Constellations by LuckyNumberMusic

The Barefoot Smile are exactly the sort of band that might be right up your street. A modern take on Roots music but in a way that isn’t completely awful, the track below had a sparse and tasteful arrangement that was enough to get me interested.

All That Remains by The Barefoot Smile

And finally, how about some Electro-pop to lift that dejected little spirit of yours? Alicia Wolfe isn’t exactly the sort of thing I would usually be found listening to, but somehow I managed to waste 2 hours on their MySpace page last week. The music is shamelessly fun, which is something becoming increasingly rare in a world full of Electro-artists that feel the need to make misguided and juvenile ‘statements’ through their clothes and music.Well worth a try.

Spotify Just About to Pass 10 Million Users

Spotify has received a huge amount of press since launch and it seems that the hype has been completely justified. Spotify is now about to pass 10 million users.

The company is holding a party in London later this month “to celebrate reaching 10 million users across Europe”, according to an invite sent out to press and partners.

It’s impressive growth, with Spotify still only available in seven countries: the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, the Netherlands and Spain.

Disclosure: Spotify is partnered with RouteNote.

Bob Marley’s Family Lose Court Battle Against Universal Music

Bob Marley’s family has just been blocked by a New York judge on obtaining copyrights from his most famous recordings from Universal Music Group.

Judge Denise Cote ruled the major owned the copyrights to five albums recorded by the late reggae singer and his band, The Wailers, between 1973 and 1977 for Island Records.

Marley’s family had accused UMG of intentionally withholding royalties from their Fifty-Six Hope Road Music company and claimed Universal had failed to consult with them on key licensing decisions, among them the use of Marley’s music on ringtones.

However, the judge ruled that the recordings were “works made for hire” as defined under US copyright law which entitled UMG to be designated the owner of those recordings as the parent company of Island Records.

Bono And The Edge Unveil First ‘Spiderman’ Song

If you’re a human with a fully functioning brain who has been alive on planet earth at some point during the last 30 years, then there is a good chance that you’ll think U2 front man ‘Bono’ is right up there as one of the most despicable, self serving, self congratulatory, beyond-pretentious, hypocritical and disgustingly patronising ass-holes ever to have flopped from a uterus (a U2-erus? Oh dear…)

You may or may not know that he and his equally absurdly named buddy ‘The Edge’ have written a musical about Spiderman that is actually going to be performed on Broadway in our lifetime.

When I first heard about this around a year ago I thought “oh, well, they are massive bell-ends BUT this could be really fun, good for them. I just hope they don’t get all serious and disappear up their own asses on this one”. They have. The show has a ludicrously ponsey name – Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark (what could that POSSIBLY mean) and is already set to be the most expensive musical in Broadway history.

Anyway, here’s a first look at a song from the show, premiered on US television this weekend. The song is introduced by ‘Bono’ and ‘ The Edge’ looking extremely pleased with themselves.

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Ollie Wride – New Tracks And Live Dates

A few months ago I wrote a blog post about a very exciting new artist by the name of Ollie Wride. Since writing this post Ollie has been subject to some very positive attention, not least of all from The Guardian’s Paul Lester. Subsequently Ollie’s fan base has grown, earning him some much deserved acclaim from both the music consuming public and the altogether less forgiving demographic of music critics. I’m not suggesting for a second that I’m in anyway responsible for Ollie’s success by the way, before you start thinking “what a self obsessed moron, trying to usurp an artist’s success.”

Anyway, whether you’ve heard of Ollie before or all of the above read like the words of an alien might, I absolutely demand that you listen to his latest effort, found at the bottom of this post. Sillhouets is an altogether more reflective and arguably mature number than fans will be used to from Ollie. It’s as perfectly produced and meticulously written as any of his other work – not a vocal harmony or instrumental layer out of place and everything present in the mix completely justified in it’s inclusion.

I’ve linked his entire SoundCloud set so you can get a real taste of his versatile brilliance. If the music inspires you to want to see Ollie in flesh, you can see him performing alongside The Kooks, Tony Hadley, Mr Hudson, MPHO, Daisy Dares You, Man Like Me & Tribes at London’s Koko on Oct 4th.

For more information visit his MySpace page.

Photo by Simon Hutchings

Ollie Wride by Ollie Wride