Julian Casablancas Wants To Write New York Mets Theme Song

Spinner reports that Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas wants to write the television theme for the New York Mets baseball team.

The singer recently spoke with Rolling Stone, hinting that he already has some plans for the tune, if only the team’s management will give him the green light:

“My next thing is I want to write the new TV theme song for the Mets. I’m totally serious – I have some ideas, I have to see if they like it.”

SoundCloud Launch Remix App

Last night SoundCloud announced their new Remix app, which they’ve inventively named SoundCloud-Remix.

The app is aimed at websites hosting remix competitions, something which SoundCloud has been used for a great deal thus far. The new app allows the competition host to customise how artists will upload their submissions and allow greater social interaction with how you would vote on submissions. You find out more from SoundCloud by clicking here, or by watching the video below.

Zoot Woman – Blue Sea

Do you know who Zoot Woman are? If yes, then congratulations, if no, don’t worry, neither did I until about 5 minutes ago when their new single popped up on soundcloud’s facebook page.

Having heard the new single I thought it best to share it with you. I rather like it and am currently in the process of listening to all of their album’s on spotify, maybe you could do the same on this wet Thursday?

The single ‘Blue Sea’ is taken from the album Things are what they used to be which can be purchased by clicking here.

Blue Sea by ZWR

SongKick Partner with YouTube to Offer Concert Suggestions

Songkick has just partnered with YouTube to offer concert suggestions to users. Songkick is a live music recommendation and discovery service which helps users find out when certain bands are playing in their area.

Sitting within the re-launched youtube.com/music site, Songkick will power concert recommendations in the ‘Events Near You’ section which draws on a user’s IP address to pinpoint their location. Sometimes this becomes an issue when your IP is located at a completely different part of the country (which we found that our IP was in Oxford, not in Cornwall!).

Songkick CEO Ian Hogarth, “From our point of view, this is one step closer to making it incredibly easy to find local concerts, whether you’re on Songkick or on another site discovering music […] It’s kind of early days, but it seems like a very significant number of people are coming through, finding out more about the show, buying tickets, etc.”

Power Amp Music Fund ex Libertines Frontman Carl Barat. Bye Bye Major Labels

Power Amp Music has just announced they are going to fund £500,000 to former Libertines frontman Carl Barat. Power Amp will receive royalties from Barat’s future recording, publishing, touring, merchandise, sponsorship, and other income streams related to an upcoming album.

Once the multi-year deal is done Carl will then receive back all rights for the album.

“Our straightforward, transparent and equitable deals put the power back into the artist’s hands, which I truly believe is the way it should be,” remarked Power CEO and founder Tom Bywater.

Previously, one of the main reasons an artist signed with a major label was for cash. However, if Pump Amp and other such organisations are going to provide the cash, then why major labels at all?

The Buggles To Reunite For One Night Only

Remember The Buggles? Watch the video below and you will know who I mean, or at least I hope you will.

The band announced yesterday that they are going to reassemble for a one off charity show that band leader Trevor Horn, better known for his part in prog-rock band Yes and producing such acts as Seal and Robbie Williams, is describing as “the band’s first ever full live show.”

The ultimate one hit wonder band found huge international success after their single ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’ launched MTV in 1979. The song went to number one in 16 different countries.

If you want to find out more about this gig and engage in some serious nostalgia, then you can visit Trevor’s website here.

Goo Goo Dolls Return for UK Tour and Nineth Album – Something for the Rest of Us

The Goo Goo Dolls are back for even more touring. Goo Goo Dolls are famous for their Iris track back in the nineties, but they havent really done too much since. Now they are returning for their ninth studio album ‘Something for the Rest of Us’ on August 31st. Prior to this, they release phenomenally good new single ‘Home’ on August 23rd, video below.

The boys will also be embarking on a UK tour in November, with dates as follows:

7 Nov 2010 – Academy, Glasgow
8 Nov 2010 – Academy, Newcastle
9 Nov 2010 – Academy, Leeds
11 Nov 2010 – Academy, Birmingham
12 Nov 2010 – University, Manchester
13 Nov 2010 – Brixton Academy, London
15 Nov 2010 – UEA LCR, Norwich
16 Nov 2010 – Academy, Bristol
17 Nov 2010 – Academy, Leicester

Midweek Music Suggestions – Week 2

Welcome to the second of my midweek music suggestions.

Still doing this on a bit of a trial basis, but had a good enough response last week to keep it up.

If you would like your music to feature in future posts then please get in touch with me; luke@routenote.com or on twitter @monkeyhotel

Anyway, without further ado, let’s try to make your week pass that little bit faster by getting some new music down your lug-holes.

The first band I’m suggesting to you this week confirm my fears that I’m becoming some kind of Emo wimp in my late twenties.
The Murder Act are exactly the sort of post-punk Shoegaze nonsense that I would normally spend a week happily resenting, but I like them, they remind of Joy Division in a very authentic and heart warming way.

Sex Song by The Murder Act

Next some rather lovely acoustic music from a man with an extraordinarily unsuspecting name. David Whitwell writes the sort of striped down acoustic music that will please most people with a pulse. I’m currently reviewing his whole album which I’ll post for you all in the following weeks, watch out for it.

The Tailor Of My Faith by David_Whitwell

And finally, a band I initially expressed a lot of interest in, entirely because of their excellent name. Outback Eskimos (see, wonderful name) turned out not to be entirely up my street, but I think they might be up the street of the general music listening public which I assume you, dear readers, are a part of. Give them a chance, it’s the least you can do…

To Move On by Outback Eskimos

Thanks for reading, more next week.