U2 For Glastonbury 2011?

U2 appear to have hinted that they may be set to appear at next year’s Glastonbury festival in Somerset.

On Friday (October 1), the Irish band took the unusual step of informing fans on their website that tickets were set to go on sale for the event. The band added “Looking at the tour dates – there is a gap in the band’s schedule ahead of the East Lansing show on June 26th which would make the Friday night a possibility.”

This could be a possible upset again, with a too premature announcement for Glasto potentially upsetting fans again after U2 were due to headline this year’s festival but were forced to pull out when singer Bono injured his back during rehearsals. This is the Official reason that was released, quashing any rumours that the band had a hand in helping ticket sales increase by pulling out after pressure from the organiser’s because they were “struggling” to sell tickets in the volume they’re used to.

The band’s manager Paul McGuiness said: “We’re certainly excited about our plans for next year. Watch this space.”

Tickets for next year’s Glastonbury festival sold out in less than five hours on Sunday (October 3). The festival will take place from June 24-26. Without revealing the other potential head-liners event organiser Michael Eavis has confirmed that all have in fact been booked.

Something For The Weekend – Educational Rap

So it’s finally over. If today’s gloomy greyness is anything to go by it’s fair to assume that the summer has been and gone. As someone who finds summer massively overrated I’m totally okay with this. I appreciate I am in a minority group here, and with what looks like a wet and cold weekend looming towards us and preventing any kind of outdoor activity I’ve searched this here internet for some audio treats that will not only entertain you’re simple minds but also get some knowledge into your bonce.

Educational Rap is an American organisation that is trying to tread that all too familiar (and usually desperately embarrassing) ground of making education cool for young people. I went in thinking I was going to laugh and cringe my way through their SoundCloud page, but to my immense disappointment I actually enjoyed the music and learned something I had previously been unsure about regarding grammar.

Have a little listen to the embedded examples below and if you like what you hear give their SoundCloud page a visit, there’s plenty on there to keep you going for absolutely hours.

Until next time.

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50 States, 50 Capitals by educationalrap

Grammar Goodies by educationalrap

Worst British Rap Songs? Let Us Know What You Think…

Earlier today I was discussing and defending UK Hip-Hop to someone who was unfairly criticising all Hip-Hop without really knowing what he was talking about. For some reason urban music is still an easy target for people with little to no idea about music to pick on. It shouldn’t be, but it is, largely because of skeletons in the closet such as the two monstrosities below.

Now I am fully aware that anybody with even a remote interest in any urban music would even come close to considering these two songs as anything other than excerpts of sonic dross, but the chap I was having the argument with used them as an example against me. I had forgotten about them both which may sound like a good thing, but when he pulled them out of the darkest corners of youtube I was lost for words. I would like you to let me know of any other examples of terrible British attempts at rap you can think of so I can be prepared for any inevitable future arguments I will find myself in.

Get in contact on twitter @monkeyhotel

Thank you.

(For the original and official video of this song click here)

Weird Al To Play At ATP And Include A UK Tour

Weird Al Yankovic has announced details of his first ever UK tour. The comedy singer will play three dates on top of his stage appearance at one of this years “All Tomorrow’s Parties” venues in Minehead starting in Birmingham on December the 2nd.

Yankovic will also play in Manchester on December 3rd and London 6th in support of his forthcoming greatest hits album.

‘The Essential “Weird Al” Yankovic’, a greatest hits album, is said to be released on October 18, features 38 tracks, including his 1992 hit ‘Smells Like Nirvana’ and ‘White And Nerdy’.

The singer is also scheduled to appear at All Tomorrow’s Parties in Minehead on December 5.

Tickets go on sale on Friday (October 1) at 9am. For more details and to buy Weird Al Yankovic tickets, check out Gigwise Gig for tickets.

Weird Al Yankovic’s UK tour dates are:

Birmingham Academy – December 2nd

Manchester Academy – December 3rd

Minehead’s ATP (All Tomorrow’s Parties) – December 5th

London Forum – December 6th

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Nominees – Tom Waits

The 15 nominees to be inducted into the Rock and Roll hall of fame have been announced, and there are one or two surprises to be found.

The words Rock and Roll conjure images in one’s mind of electric guitars and decadence, however this hip-hop artists the Beastie Boys and LL Cool J have been shortlisted for induction into the Cleveland-based Hall of fame.

One of the nominations towers above the rest in quality and couldn’t be more deserving of this nomination; Mr. Tom Waits.

I first discovered Tom whilst studying music at university and his songs completely transformed my understanding of what a songwriter, a performer and a singer can be. His career has been so intensely diverse and vast in its unparalleled quality that it’s impossible to give you a couple of highlights; however I am inserting a couple of beneath this post in the hope that you will venture further into his cave of brilliance.

If you’ve never heard Tom’s music before, please let me know what you think @monkeyhotel

For all the other nominees and information you might want click here.

Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis/Silent Night

I Don’t Wanna Grow Up

Midweek Music Suggestions 28/09/2010

Hello there Routenote readers, I hope your week is treating you well. I feel a bit of a cheat this week as I’ve been on holiday for the past few days. As a result this weeks music suggestions have been thrown together in a matter of minutes. That’s not to suggest for a moment that the artists beneath are worth anything other than your undivided attention, only that you may already be aware of them, and it is for this reason you find me apologising.

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The first artist to catch my eye this week is the rather excellent female producer and songwriter Dena From The Block. Her music is extremely clever produced and stays firmly on the credible side of pop whilst being fun, catchy and addictive. The two songs below are perfect examples of her songwriting, both building from a minimal musical base that is texturally interesting enough to never become boring.

Finding / Waiting by dfromtheb

And keeping with the theme of European Electro-Pop may I introduce you to the first known demos of the Berlin based outfit Mousefolk? Recently picked out by SoundCloud as their artists of the day, the song below and a few other bits on their SoundCloud page have given me enough reason to believe that this is a band to keep a close eye on.

The Mouse Folk – Paperback by The Mouse Folk

That’s your lot, until next time.

Hoodie Allen – Pep Rally: Free Downloads from Wicked Mixtape

Yesterday you might have noticed that we posted about Hoodie Allen and his remix of VV Brown’s Shark in the Water. Today, we have got our hands on the new Hoodie Allen mixtape.

Hoodie Allen samples a lot of indie tracks and the mixes it into something completely different. Below is some of the tracks from his upcoming mixtape. Enjoy!

Tighten Up by HoodieAllen

January Jones (feat. Chris Wallace) by HoodieAllen

So Much Closer (feat. Rocky Business) by HoodieAllen

Party At The Beach House by HoodieAllen

Joy & Misery by HoodieAllen

Thumbplay Exclusive: New Bob Dylan Unreleased Album

Thumbplay is currently offering an exclusive selection of tracks from Bob Dylan’s bootlet collection: The Bootleg Series Vol. 9 – The Witmark Demos. All Blackberry smartphone users will be able to listen to 15 previously unreleased recordings from the new album, but only until Thursday September 30.

Users can access these exclusive tracks by searching for the Thumbplay app on their device or by going to their website.

Disclosure: Thumbplay is one of our partners here at RouteNote.

55 Years Ago Today In Music

September 21 1956 Anne Shelton accompanied by Wally Scott and his Orchestra performing “Lay Down Your Arms”Enjoyed number one for four weeks. Put together by producer Johnny Franz with three writers behind him, Leon Land, Ake Gerhard and Paddy Roberts. Rare at the time. The song is considers quite inaugural in the way it was put together in the respect that many pop hits are now put together in much the same way. A writer creates a song, shows it to some producers, they audition some signers and put it together with the producers very much controlling its sound.

Similar to Vera Lynn, Anne Shelton, who’s real name is Pat Shelby, was an old army sweetheart during World War 2. With big songs prior to this like ‘Lili Marlene’ and ‘I’ll Be Seeing you’. Towards the end of the war, she met David Reid, who became something of an agent and eventually her husband.

Johnny came across the song thanks to David and thought it would be ideal for Anne who was quoted saying: “When Johnny Franz played it for me, I said I didn’t like it. It had a Swedish Lyric at the time, by Johnny said I’d change my mind once Paddy had finished the English. And I did.”

Originally the song was named “Ann-Caroline” and hit number one in Sweden just weeks before. Supposedly a true story about about a soldier returning from war to find his wife had another man! Written by Ake Gerhard, the lyrics anyway, and Leon Land helped with the music. The two became something of a magic couple, with everything they touched turning to gold. They wrote countless entries for the Euro-vision song contest and managed to success a band named “The Help Stars”, which featured a young Benny Andersson on keyboard, who later found worldwide fame with ABBA.