Worst Songs And The Lyrics Off The Week

RouteNote enjoys being involved in all things music, both superb and tragic. I’ve decided to throw out a weekly video (where it can be found) of awful tunes that could arguably be cult favourite’s for a giggle.

This tragic attempt at something to do with signing is from The Hoff. Scouring YouTube and the Hoffs own site, I Couldn’t find the proper video. It Turns out the song has become “Unavailable. Embedding disabled by request”. Probably for the best. One of the best move’s Hoff ever made next to Bay-watch of course.

ooh, jump in my car, I wanna ta-ake you home
jump in my car, it’s too far to walk on your ow-own

jump in my car, I wanna ta-ake you home
C’mon and jump in my car, it’s way too far to walk on your ow-own
Well maybe I wi-ill
Ah, that’s better now, your talkin’ sense
But you best keep still
Well, if you like I’ll just put up a fence
No need to get smart
Well alright we’ll soon be on our way
We better start
What for?
Because it’s such a long way
Why, where d’you live?
I live down south, it’s roughly eighty-four miles
Hey slow down, you must be jokin’ there behind that cute smile
Oh, no I’m not
Well, if you’re not there’s only one thing to say
And what’s that?
Get out the car, get on your way

Get out of my car
But you just said that you’d take me home
it’s just too far
But there’s no way that I can get there alone
I couldn’t care less
Maybe I could see you next week
But you look a mess
But look who’s talkin’, you’ve got no right to speak

Get out of my car
You told me that you were a really nice guy
Well I aint
yeah,Get out of my car
Get out
Get out of my car

Guitar Nation 2010

Guitar Nation Live 2010 is the UK’s biggest Guitar show and has everything any guitarist or musician could wish for. Top  Heavy Metal stars, a fantastic exhibition of the best guitar gear from all the leading Brands and names. Plus exclusive concerts, master-classes for all things music and seminars. The event will boast to be a dedicated guitar exhibition of over 120 stands with the biggest names in the business showing the very latest and coolest gear. There’s a range of activities and events including live bands, free guitar lessons and select places will have competitions and groovy prizes. And doors open at 10 in the morning each day.

Saturday 13th November 2010 10.00am to 6.00pm

Sunday 14th November 2010 10.00am to 5.00pm

Discounted tickets are available to purchase in advance (click here) and are on sale now from www.guitarnationlive.co.uk or the Guitar Nation Live team on 0844 3380338. Please note all tickets are subject to a £2.00 booking fee. With extra ticketing options which include:

Guitar Institute presents Steve Vai (Both Days) £55.00

Live & Learn (Both Days) £20.00

Steve Vai Masterclass (Sunday Only) £155.00

Olympia Conference Centre, Hammersmith Road, London

+44 (0)20 7385 1200

Lime Wire Finally Closes

Limewire, one of the internets most popular file-sharing websites, has finally been shut down after along dispute with the RIAA.

The US district court has issued an injunction which effectively ends a four-year dispute between Lime Group and the Recording Industry Association of America.
Strictly, its complete closure isn’t quite true, but the company has been told to disable its search, download and upload functions, which for a file-sharing site, is certain doom.

On top of this, the company has finally admitted what we were all thinking and confessed to being illegal. A message on Limewire.com states: “This is an official notice that LimeWire is under a court ordered injunction to stop distributing and supporting its file-sharing software. Downloading or sharing copyrighted content without authorisation is illegal.”

A Lime Group spokeswoman acknowledged that the company was now “out” of the file-sharing business. But she added that they were working on alternative ideas that adhere to copyright laws.

A New Michael Jackson Film, Ish.

Michael Jackson’s hit ‘Thriller’ is to be turned into a movie, according to reports. Several Hollywood studios are said to be interested in adapting Jackson’s classic 1982 single. Deadline reports that choreographer Kenny Ortega is expected to direct, while The Hangover’s Jeremy Garelick will write the screenplay. The plot will apparently focus on the song’s history, including the childhood of Vincent Price, who raps the track’s voice-over.

Any film will be subject to the agreement of Michael Jackson’s estate of course. There has already been one Jackson film since his death. This Is It charted the making of his ill-fated comeback gigs.

Regardless of who you are and what sort of music genre we promise is our favourite, everyone has a personal favourite Jackson song, but i’m quite sure that, and for me this film is bordering on it, too many films about him are going to saturate the local cinema’s and quickly become made in bad taste. This is only loosely a film about Jackson. A film about the making of another film, that had him in it…Really, come on. I wonder Who will play John Landis.

Kings of Leon UK Stadium Tour

Kings Of Leon have announced details of a UK stadium tour, which is due to take place next summer. The US band will play five shows, starting at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry on May 30 in connection with their new number one album Come Around Sundown no doubt.

Other gigs in the short tour are scheduled for the Stadium Of Light in Sunderland on June 17 and Manchester’s County Cricket Ground on June 19. The band are also set to perform for the second year running at London’s Hyde Park on June 22.

Tickets go on sale on Wednesday (November 3) at 9am. For more details and to buy Kings Of Leon tickets, check out Gigwise Gig Tickets.

Kings Of Leon’s 2011 UK tour dates are:

Coventry, Ricoh Arena – May 30
Sunderland, Stadium of Light – June 17
Manchester, Lancashire County Cricket Ground – 19
London, Hyde Park – 22
Edinburgh, Murrayfield Stadium – 26

Eliot Van Buskirk Leaves Wired and Opens His Own Digital Music Blog

Eliot Van Buskirk was the leading digital music editor for Wired, but now he is looking to push out on his own. Eliot has started his own music blog called Evolver.fm. Eliot will be writing about the developments in the world of music apps. From his perspective, apps are the future of music. Following the MP3, he considers them the next major development in the digital music revolution.

Eardrums Pop

Those of you familiar with the fairly popular music blog “Eardrums” may or may not be aware of the net label associated with it “Eardrums pop“.

If you’re not, it might be worth pointing your peepers squarely at this website. The blog has for some time dedicated itself to promoting little known indie artists. The label is an online, music distributing extension of this.

Anyway, if you’re some kind of songwriter looking to have your music released and given attention then you can submit your music to the label’s SoundCloud drop box. If you’re not a self obsessed musician and are just looking for some new listening material you may want to take a look too. The label will be releasing digital singles each month. Here is the most recent. For more, visit their website by clicking here.

Paperfangs – ePop006 – digital single by EardrumsPop

ITV Sign Three Year Agreement to Show The X Factor and Britains Got Talent in the UK

ITV has just agreed a new three year deal for the X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent with Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and production company Fremantle Media.

There were rumours that Simon Cowell wouldn’t be doing the X Factor any more in the UK, but it just seems now that he might not be one of the judges.

“I am committed to making sure both shows get bigger and better every year,” said Cowell in a statement. “I have a lot to thank ITV for; they have been key in making The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent the UK’s biggest television shows.”

Peter Fincham, ITV director of television, added: “The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent are the shows that have helped define the last decade of television in the U.K. and have become more than just a talking point: they are a national obsession, and I’m delighted that our viewers can continue to enjoy them on ITV over the next three years.”

55 Years Ago Today In Music

Frankie Laine with Percy Faith & His Orchestra collected 4 weeks at the number one slot with the famous “A Woman In Love” from the musical “Guys and Dolls” after Frank Sinatra turned it down.

The 1950’s Broadway musical Guys and Dolls was powered largely by Damon Runyon and his “gangster yarns” as well as the writing of famously bad tempered Frank Loessner.

Frank is the writer responsible for the song of topic. On the week beginning 19th October 1956 is exactly when the song went number one and the soundtrack of the by then long running Guys and Dolls was still very much a household name, anchored by a menagerie of famous faces. Frank Sinatra as Nathan Detroit and Marlon Brando as Sky Masterson. Brando’s number was eventually dropped from the plays bill as he couldn’t hit the big “Money Shot” note. Which is incidently our number one song.

Frankie Laine lost most of his appeal to the young audience during the rock and roll era, but he still enjoyed success with the TV series Rawhide which ran upto 1959, which was again revived with hilarious consequence by Jake and Elwood Blues, as well as being the mighty Tom Jones’ inspiration for signing at all.

Laine did continue to tour but was plagued by illness and had quadruple bypass  in 1985. I did nothing to effect his performance though as he still favoured his signature big endings and celebrated his 91st and last birthday in 2004.