Lily Allen’s new record label?

Lily at the Q awardsBBC 6 Music and the NME have just reported that Lily Allen is in the process of creating her own label:  she told reporters at the Q awards  “I love working in music. I like to help other bands so I’m thinking about – well, we’re in talks about – setting up my own label and dedicating the next couple of years to that.” After the controversy she sparked with her various anti-piracy outbursts I will be interested to see what strategies she comes up with for promoting recordings from the artists she signs. Presumably not giving away free downloads of their songs…

A lot of people took the time to give Lily’s opinions considered replies; some less tongue in cheek than others.

Jack White’s new record store?

Does that hairdo look a bit Phil Spector-y?
Does that hairdo look a bit Phil Spector-y?
Seemingly, being an internationally famous rockstar isn’t fulfilling all of Jack White’s ambitions, as he’s started running a record shop. Perhaps he’s jealous of John Cusack in High Fidelity or something… Man that guy gets all the too-quirky-to-be-called-good-looking-but-you-still-would 30 something actresses… [Cross film confusion here, I know]

The Fact Blog reports “On Friday 30 and Saturday 31 October, Third Man Records And Novelties will operate out of Shoreditch Church. The store will be selling “releases and miscellany” from The Dead Weather, The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, together with Third Man 45s, T-shirts and other rarities and collectibles. The store will be open 11am-6pm on the Friday, and 11am-9pm on the Saturday.”

Shameless Self Promotion – Jenna’s Revenge

Jennas RevengeBand name: Jenna’s Revenge

Location: Portsmouth UK

Bio: Hailing from the south coast of England in a blur of whiskey soaked rock n roll meet Jenna’s Revenge!

The four piece, consisting of the charismatic “Sic” McLaren’s often astounding vocals, Craig Farley’s neck-breakingly catchy guitar riffs and blistering solos, the ever groove laden bass rumblings of “Super Nice Brad Ice”, and the hard hitting punch of Greg Daley’s drums, play an energetic blend of unashamed, “old school”, feel good rock music.

The band always give a frenetic live show that has seen them play alongside the likes of New Wave of British Heavy Metal legends “Tygers of Pan Tang”, controversial pop-punks “Towers of London”, friends of Iron Maiden “Voodoo Six”, the Myspace phenomena “Koopa”, and American guitar hero Adam Bomb.

Jenna’s Revenge aim to entertain and delight you and with song subjects ranging the full ambit from strippers to warfare all covered with tongue firmly in cheek we’re sure you’ll find something to tap your toes to!

Inspired by a wide range of influences from Extreme, Queen, Motley Crue and Skid Row to Rod Stewart, the Quireboys and the red hot chilli peppers, along with a list of other bands that could go on for several pages, Jenna’s Revenge set out to make music that we enjoy since there seemed to be a serious lack of bands around that were doing that for us!  Hopefully you’ll like what we do too as that’s pretty key to our plan for world domination succeeding…

Our website: or

Years by user309147

TuneMaker iPhone app – Tenorion competitor for 59p

tenori_onOur second-cousin-once-removed blog, Inappropriate Bunny posted this about Little Boots and her Tenori-on a while back, and now TheNextWeb, has dug up a couple of apps that compete with the $1,000 synthesiser for less than a GBP£. Admittedly you have to have an iPhone, and it’s not going to have MIDI control or anything like it, but if you just want to twiddle around making tunes on the tube while you go to work this looks like a pretty good option.

“TuneMaker has the look and feel of an £800 Tenori On in a 59p iPhone app. What’s more it sounds really good.” – TheNextWeb

If you don’t know what a tenorion is, check this video out:

The Metallica Pinball Table I Wish I Had in Our Office!

I know Dashiel in the office here is very jealous of the BitMob team who got to play the new Metallica pinball game which is yet to be released. The table itself looks lightning fast and a little hard to even see the ball when it is at the top of the table, but who really cares cause it looks like a great game. I would love to have a pinball machine like this in our office, but I’m sure if it was added no one would do much work!


Spotify Launch Their First TV Advertising Campaign in Sweden


Spotify seems to always be in the press and this was very surprising at the start because they have actually spent less than £5000 so far on marketing in the UK. However, Spotify has now just released their first TV advertisement which is currently airing on Kanal 5 in Sweden.

If RouteNote artists haven’t already noticed we have partnered with Spotify, so if you want to get your music into this fast rising service then head to your user control panel.

Shameless Self Promotion – Jeni Saint

Jeni SaintGENRE: Singer-Songwriter / Acoustic / Pop

LOCATION: West Sussex

Jeni Saint’s sound is a modern take on the classic singer-songwriter mould. Inspired by the likes of Carole King, Karen Carpenter and Kate Bush, Jeni uncovers stories hidden in everyday life and gives them a soundtrack.

Produced by Full Phatt’s Matt Ward (Usher, Mutya Buena, The Saturdays), Life On A Wire is a piano led track backed by the wonderful ‘Dirty Pretty Strings’ (Goldfrapp, KT Tunstall).

Classically trained on piano and cello, Jeni started composing in her early teens and won the BBC’s Song For Christmas competition at the age of 15. A prestigious gong, of which Gary Barlow is a previous winner!

Following a music degree at Oxford University, Jeni played her early songs on the London acoustic circuit at established venues such as The Troubadour, The 12-Bar and The Cobden Club.

She was one of the first acoustic artists to play at The Big Chill Festival with a solo voice and cello set. Jeni also performed on stage with Tom Middleton & Pete Lawrence and features on the Big Chill album, ‘Glisten’.

As a cellist, Jeni has appeared on tracks for Robbie Williams and Mutya Buena. She has arranged strings for Indie band Colour of Sound and Universal artist Elan Lea.

In 2003, Jeni decided to broaden her knowledge of the music industry and took a job as a TV plugger for Atlantic records. She helped to launch artists such as James Blunt, Sean Paul, Mark Ronson & Paolo Nutini amongst others.

Leaving London to focus on her own music, Jeni is now based down on the south coast.


VID LINK FOR ‘Life On A Wire’

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Give It All Away by user309147

Shameless Self Promotion – Bankrupt

BankruptPunk rock, Budapest, Hungary

Bankrupt proved an apt moniker for Hungary’s most unique punk rock band. With the country celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Iron Curtain’s demise teetering at the edge of bankruptcy, it’s hard to imagine a more fitting soundtrack than Razor Wires And Neon Lights, the band’s 5th release. (Available on iTunes through RouteNote)

“Wave Of Bankruptcy” kicks the door in with some unrelenting crisis rocknroll, to be followed by a punkabilly postcard from a hopeless place, “Agony Bay”. The ’77-style punk rock of “Parallel Worlds” was inspired by disappointment over the East-West division’s survival even 2 decades after the fall of communism in Europe. The uptempo “Lonesome Trains” is a snapshot of the Dec 2008 Hungarian railway strike, where thousands of people were unable to join their families for Christmas due to no means of transport. Leaving politics aside, the last third of the EP starts with “No Surrender” a bittersweet pop-punk tune about not giving up your rockandroll dreams. “Independent Girl” is a beefed-up re-recorded version of an old favorite from Bankrupt’s 2000 debut album, Listen, which leaves you asking for more.

Lyrically more mature, soundwise more versatile, Razor Wires and Neon Lights is more than a worthy follow-up to last year’s critically acclaimed Rocket To Riot City.

Inspired by the best moments of punk rock history, Budapest based three-piece Bankrupt deliver a unique blend of oldschool and newschool melodic punk rock, tinged with some punkabilly, rockandroll punk, and garage rock. Regardless of what hype is going on right now on what was earlier called the punk rock scene, Bankrupt stick to the music they like, and continue writing songs that sound the way punk rock was meant to be.

Bankrupt is proud to have supported acts like the Toy Dolls (UK), The Creepshow (CAN), The Real McKenzies (CAN), and many others.




Cinderella –

Straight Outta Graceland –

[Edit – We like these guys, not only because Simon Z in our office is Hungarian, but because they sound a bit like Green Day before they went all poppy.]

Shameless Self Promotion – Rachel James and Band

Rachel JamesGenre:  New Folk Pop

A 3 piece consisting of guitar, vocals, bass and alsorts of percussion including tablas.  Musically, we aim for a different type of sound based on merging styles together, so as to have a European edge to our new folk pop genre.  Each member of the band has their own influences which instead of clashing, complement the music.  From Suzanne Vega to Peter Gabriel to Steely Dan.

Our ambition is to go as far as we are able.  We do not have a record label, and yet do not let this hold us back. After much searching for the best distributor we found ‘Routenote’ [ Edit: Thanks Rachel 🙂 ] and are now awaiting the release of our first album ‘TeaTime Assorted sessions’ in many of the major online stores. (this will be sometime in November).

So far we have travelled up and down the country gigging, and have played many main cities including Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Leeds.  We have performed on local radio, and were recently included in Manchester’s ‘Chimp’ magazine in the ‘Up for Grabs’ unsigned section, described as ‘a Class act’.

We have included a link to our you tube video of ‘Tick Tock’.  While we feel that the song has a catchy hook with a continental feel, it was filmed in our Northwest countryside featuring Rivington of Horwich, Boltons spooky but marvelous ‘Pigeon Tower’.

Our Myspace page:

Our You Tube music video of ‘Tick Tock’:

Shameless Self Promotion – PostFoetus

PostFoetusElectronic/Alternative, Los Angeles CA

Will Wiesenfeld is a songwriter working in a decidedly more experimental medium. His lyrics, sounds, and melodies are emotionally honest and distinctly his own, but come from a diverse range of influences, namely Björk, cartoons, men, The National, Japan, the internet, David O’ Reilly, the movie Primer… His inspiration comes from a constant longing for something far more fantastic than suburban life, and he is able to express those sentiments through music.

He composes everything by himself in his bedroom, but is overly eager to share his bizarre universe with the rest of us.

[Edit – we’re quite fond of Will’s stuff in the RouteNote office]