How to make your music available to pre-save on Spotify for free

Spotify Pre-Saves ensure that when you’re building hype for your new music release you’ve got as many listeners tuning in on the day as possible.

Like pre-orders on iTunes, when your music is available for Pre-Save on Spotify people can come and find it before it’s released. This can be really valuable – fans can save your music in advance, playlists can add it ready for the drop date, new listeners can add it to their queue so it plays as soon as it’s ready.

Pre-Saves will help to boost your first day streams ensuring that your release day makes the impact that you want your music to have. You can also make a cool card so that when people go to Pre-Save your music they’ll be presenting with your own unique image and you can introduce your new music – writing about what it means to you and what it’s about.

If you’re releasing your music for free on RouteNote you can set your music up on Spotify for Pre-Saves. Here’s how!

1. Upload Your Music

The first step is to get your music to Spotify of course. It’s free and easy to upload your music at You can choose from all of the top music services in the world to send your music to including iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, and many more.

Make sure you select Spotify if you want to Pre-Save.

2. Set Your Release Date

When you’re uploading your release you need to set a release date in the future so there’s time for people to save your music of course! Set your Release Date when you upload your music.

You’re going to want to set it to go live a while after you upload it so that there is time for it to go online and to let your Pre-Save campaign work it’s magic. You want to give time to build up hype!

We recommend to upload it at least 2 weeks before you want your release available to Pre-Save to give it time to upload, get moderated, and process in Spotify. Then you want about a month for it to be available to Pre-Save before the official release date.

Give it time – we know you want to get your music online and being listened to but patience builds excitement and anticipation.

3. Get On PUSH.FM

PUSH.FM is our promotional platform for artists that helps you create new opportunities to connect with fans and campaigns to take your music even further once it’s on the biggest music stores and services around the world.

Use Pre-Saves with PUSH.FM to give your fans direct access to your upcoming releases. With Pre-Saves they can save your music to their library so that on release day it’s there, ready and waiting to listen to.

Wish PUSH.FM artists can create cool campaigns so that fans get a bonus when they hit Pre-Save on your new release. Give them access to private tracks, competitions, early access to other songs and more!

This is just the beginning of what we offer you with PUSH.FM and there is much more to come as we expand it.

Let everyone know what your new music is about and get it out there everywhere so that on drop day your music is the hit it deserves to be!

If you have any questions or issues get in touch at and our team will help get your music online just the way you want it.

YouTube’s Super Chat just launched in 19 countries

YouTube’s Super Chat is coming to a whole bunch of new countries for the first time to make live streams even more interactive.

YouTube’s Super Chat was introduced in 2017 to give creators new ways to earn during live streams. The feature allows viewers to tip the streamer as they’re watching and in return their comments will feature more prominently with a colour or will be pinned for a period of time in the chat.

Super Chat comments cost as little as $1 and as much as $500 and can offer a unique way for fans and creators to interact. Users can spend a maximum of $500 a day and $2,000 a week on Super Chat comments. With YouTube Premium users get $2 of Super Chat every month.

It was first launched fairly widely to 40 countries and 2 years later 19 more countries are now being added as part of their first expansion for the feature.

The new countries with YouTube Super Chat are:

Belarus, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Luxembourg, Malta, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Romania, South Africa, and Uruguay.

What do the P Line and C Line mean in music copyright?

If you’ve uploaded your music online then you’ve probably come across the P Line and C Line. It’s vital to understand what they mean when releasing your own music.

The P Line

The P Line, often marked with a ℗, identifies that their is an owner to the rights of a sound recording. Whatever follows the P Line should identify who is the owner of those rights.

This is marked on every release of a piece of music that has ℗ copyright. So it will show up anywhere music is officially available online and is used on physical copies of music as well.

You will find the P Line in the metadata for digital music and it makes it easy to find out where any royalties should be going for that music when it earns money.

The C Line

The C Line, symbolised with a ©, is the copyright of everything beyond the sound recording itself. The C Line signifies the copyright owner of the content that isn’t the recording itself.

So the C Line applies to artwork on your album cover, liner notes and art if your music has them, and any other visual materials associated with your music. The C Line can also apply to the lyrics and musical composition in a separate copyright to the P Line for the sound recording.

How to fill them in

Both ℗ and © copyrights should be marked with the symbol, followed by the first year of publication of the content, and then list the respective rights owner. For example:

℗ 2007 RouteNote Ltd
© 2007 RouteNote Ltd

P Lines should list the owner of the rights to the original sound recording at the time it is manufactured. The year listed should also represent the year when it was first released for commercial sale.

The lines should also state the full corporate name of the rightsholders. So don’t include a subsidiary or a record label division, instead make sure you list the full corporate name of the company.


When listing the P Line notices for compilations you must list each track separately for the year and rights-holders that apply to that track.

If multiple tracks feature the same original release date under the same original copyright owner then you can group them together. For example:

Tracks 1-3, 6, and 8 ℗ 2007 RouteNote Ltd

iHeartMedia and Group Nine Media Partner to Release Podcasts Under NowThis, The Dodo, Seeker and Thrillist Brands

iHeartMedia and Group Nine Media are partnering for an exclusive slate of co-produced podcasts.

The original audio content will include at least one podcast from each of Group Nine’s four brands: NowThis, The Dodo, Seeker and Thrillist, as well as one from JASH, which is part of the media company’s LA-based Studios team.

iHeartMedia seems to be looking to podcasts to decrease some of their larger overheads within the radio industry. This seems to be a great idea as podcasts are only going to grow in adoption over the next few years.

Spotify for Podcasters offers deep insights for creators

Spotify’s new home for podcasters brings together all the information that matters so creators can get in touch with their listeners.

With a major push on podcasts in the last year Spotify have been building their platform up to be a great place for podcast listeners and creators. With the launch of Spotify for Podcasters, creators are now able to take a deep look at the analytics and audiences for their podcasts so they’re in the know with how they’re doing.

Spotify’s new hub gives one streamlined place for podcasters to look at how people are engaging with their shows. It provides analytics for audience demographics so creators can look at where their audiences are and the types of people that are listening. Analytics are an invaluable tool for creators to understand their audiences and what works for them.

Spotify for Podcasters launched in beta last year so that the music streaming service could work with a select number of creators to find how the platform could work best. There are now over 100,000 podcasters from 167 countries on the platform and Spotify feel they’ve created the perfect hub from working with all those creators.

Spotify said in an announcement: “[Spotify for Podcasters] was built to empower you, the podcast-creating community, to continue innovating and sharing your work with the world. Our hope is that Spotify for Podcasters will help you engage with and understand your listeners, find new fans, discover insights from your peers, and ultimately grow your career.”

Spotify for Podcasters is available now to sign up so that any podcast creators can submit their podcasts to Spotify and get deep insights.

Beatport team up with sample shop Loopmasters

Beatport are joining forces with one of the best resources for digital music production on the web creating a major electronic music hub.

Beatport have joined forces with English record label and sample, sound pack and plugin retailer Loopmasters. Beatport’s ‘Sounds’ section of the company has sold their own assets of beats, loops, and samples to Loopmasters and Beatport have made a strategic investment in them.

CEO of the major electronic music store Beatport, Robb McDaniels said: “Our partnership with, and investment in, Loopmasters illustrate Beatport’s commitment to delivering the best products to our loyal customers and the global DJ/Producer community. Loopmasters’ long history of delivering a world-class product and customer experience is going to be a valuable asset for Beatport’s more than 36 million annual visitors for many years to come.”

Beatport will begin integrating Loopmaster’s array of content for producers and DJs into their store. This will open up a new comprehensive section of their website for browsing and purchasing music production tools and assets. They will also team up with Plugin Boutique to offer a range of virtual instruments, VSTs and more from established music software companies.

Loopmasters founder and CEO Matt Pelling says: “We are thrilled to integrate the Loopmasters product suite into the Beatport site, enhance our sound library with their licensed sounds catalogue and gain access to the amazing artist and label relationships they have cultivated over the last 15 years. The combination of these two great companies will surely create an unparalleled product offering for emerging and established producers around the world.”

Smart Speaker Market Still Dominated by Amazon Echo – China is Catching Fast!

The Consumer Intelligence Report Partners (CIRP) is out with their latest report on the state of smart speaker sales and market share.

End of June – 76 million units in USA (up from 70 million at the end of March and 66 million at end of December)

Its reported that Amazon still holds a 70% market share of the install base, with Google on 25% and Apple on 5%.

“Continued aggressive pricing of the entry-level models seems to continue to encourage new customers to try a smart speaker and existing owners to consider adding more devices to their home,” said Lowitz in a statement. The company reckons that more than half of Echo and Google Home owners have the cheapest model in the range.

The USA is still the largest smart speaker market, but China is growing fast and is expected to reach 60 million units by the end of 2019.

Reliance Jio Is Now India’s Biggest Mobile Operator – and Owner of India’s Largest Music Streaming Service

Reliance Jio has become the largest mobile operator in India with 331.3 million subscribers. This overtakes Vodafone India which has round 320 million subscribers.

Reliance is also the owner of JioSaavn, which is India’s most popular music streaming service with over 104 monthly active users at last count. JioSaavn is only slightly ahead of its biggest rival Gaana.

YouTube Gives Students Three Months Free on YouTube Premium and YouTube Music

YouTube is currently offering YouTube Premium – which includes YouTube and YouTube Music ad-free for three months.

This deal improves even further the already great student discount that YouTube already offers ($4.99 per month for Music, $6.99 per month for Premium). YouTube is offering up a back-to-school deal to the many thousands of students about to flood onto college campuses for eight months of 8 a.m. lectures, late-night study sessions, and maybe probably a whole lot of caffeine consumption.

To signup for three months off head to –

iHeartMedia Using Their 850 Radio Stations to Build Their Own Podcasting Network and Audience for Advertisers

iHeartMedia is planning to harness the power of their 850 radio stations to build out their own podcasting network and audience to bring in more advertisers and advertising dollars.

iHeartMedia just announced Sunday Night Podcasts, in which 270 stations will play a prerecorded podcast episode in between music or talk radio.

This should also allow iHeartMedia to decrease the price of creating some of their original content and these prerecorded podcast episodes will have a much lower cost in the short and long term compared to a live show.