New Digital Travellers Guitar Makes It Easy to Learn on the Go

Jamstik have just released the plans for a new foot long digital guitar that can be stretched out to fit everybody’s needs and bags.

This new technological advancement in the world of guitars has stunned many with it’s ability to be so small and yet do so much. ‘Jammy’ is the new model from RnD64 that can be stretched out to reach 19.6 inches but then packed back down to 12.6 inches to fit in your bag or coat. This means the opportunities to practice or play anywhere are much larger than lugging a massive guitar around with you. Jamstik say’s it promises to be “the most compact yet most fully functioning digital guitar ever.”

This digital wonder has original steel strings with LED frets to give you the closest experience to playing a guitar but with plenty of technological bonus’ such as real time guidance, Bluetooth and midi enabled controls. The guitar also never goes out of tune and has auto-correcting abilities, so if the jammy thinks your making a wrong move with a scale or chord it will correct the note for you to sound no different to if you played the chord you intended to.

Another really cool feature of ‘Jammy’ is that it has its own Apple App where you can learn to play guitar at a beginner’s or advanced level. This uses the digital frets to show you on an iPhone or iPad where you should place your fingers and if you play a chord wrong it can show exactly where and when you went wrong. This digital side of the guitar can also be used to record with many software options such as Garage Band or Logic. You can access this through the midi output or the direct audio output, this direct output can also be used with headphones for practising in the solitude of your own ears.

Overall I think this guitar is a technological master piece as it can be used by a wide range of musicians not just learners or novices alone and I cannot wait for it to be released on sale to the public. To take a look at for yourself follow the link to the Jamstik website where you can check out the specs – Jammy Website.

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