Natif – Featured Artist of the Week 19th October 2016

Natif, an alternative acoustic 6-piece group from Transylvania, are this week’s featured artist for their irresistibly upbeat folky ballads.

Natif was founded in 2011 in Cluj-Napoca, the ‘unofficial capital’ of the Transylvanian region in Romania. The band came together not just to play music but “with the purpose of creating and promoting upbeat acoustic brit-folk music in a musical environment that was lacking someone with this direction.”

Since forming the band have released two albums; the brilliant acoustic ‘Stories and Impressions‘ in 2012, and then in 2013 they diversified their music with electric instruments and blues influences on the excellent ‘Strange Times‘. After a brief hiatus the band returned in 2015 to take their music further with the addition of a cello and a full drum kit, whereas before they used a cajon.

Natif are now made up of Andrei Crecan (vocals), Marius Stefan (acoustic guitar), Stefan Horodnic (electric guitar), Adrian Ardelean (bass), Cristian Bordei (drums), Teodora Slevoaca (Cello). Not just a band but promoters of happiness Natif recently found themselves Smile Ambassadors on Catch A Smile Day in August.

catch a smile day Natif band acoustic folk featured RouteNote artist

Earlier this month on the 15th October Natif celebrated their 5th anniversary as a band together, saying on their facebook: “5 years ago this day, Natif went first on the scene. All this time I was growing up, we’ve changed, I made music and met beautiful people. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our story at this time 🙂 There’s still more to come!”. (translated from Romanian)

We look forward to hearing where they take their music next but for now listen to a live performance of their latest single Songs and Serenades for BalconyTV:


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